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Sonic Arts Network & BBC Radio 3 present:

Cut & Splice
16-24 November 2007
This year¹s Cut & Splice festival curates for the plate by sonically
exploring the social, political and cultural aesthetics of food. In Britain,
cuisine and grocery permeate all our lives - celebrity chefs and organic
food obsess us, obesity and food-scares plague us, lager and latté are our
life-blood. Cut & Splice considers ideas from consumption to excretion by
curating work from amongst the world's most pioneering artists working with

Through the preparation and presentation of a smorgasbord of performances,
installations, workshops, talks and activities, the Cut and Splice festival
will satisfy every hunger with no bowl being left unfilled.
Cut & Splice has established an international reputation for inspired ideas
and high quality production. A free-ranging festival of electronic music and
sound art it is curated and produced by Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3.
It presents live and broadcast activity, annually altering its focus and
format to reveal pioneering sonic art at its best. For the first time this
year Cut and Splice is presented in association with Huddersfield
Contemporary Music Festival.
³Artistically inspiredŠCut and Splice awed² The Wire
Vienna Vegetable Orchestra | Charles Amirkhanian
Bates Mill, The Blending Shed, Huddersfield, 18.00, 24/11/07
Celebrated US sound-text artist Charles Amirkhanian tackles the topic of
tucker with the world premiere of a new BBC commission, Quince Quinoa.
Following this the 11-piece Vienna Vegetable Orchestra will create an
extraordinary experimental sound, music and noise universe on the massed
forces of carrot flutes, pumpkin basses, leek violins, cucumberphones and
celery bongos.
³It¹s quite liberating (and) it also leaves behind a residue of curiosity
about other everyday objects² The Guardian
Cut and Splice Four Course Feast
Bates Mill, The Blending Shed, Huddersfield, 21.30, 24/11/07
A set of performances blending the consuming maw of aural gluttony, the
precision abstinence of sonic fasting and the obsession of restricted diet
purity. UK sound artists Lee Patterson and Helena Gough present a
collaborative performance that will reveal the hidden sound worlds of
baking, frying, boiling and basting; Switzerland¹s Sudden Infant issues
forth an ear-splitting percussive jus reduced from live and pre-recorded
body sounds. Parkinson Saunders curate a selection of culinary inspired
experimental music from the like of John Cage and Alvin Lucier and, for
desert, Californian noise actionist R.H.Y. Yau serves up his own consuming
body as an extreme dish only for the strongest stomachs and ears.
Michael Prime ­ Ha, Ha! Your Mushrooms Are Gone
Huddersfield Art Gallery, Opening 16.00, 16/11/07
Runs until 24/11/2007
Open daily during the Festival, Mon ­ Fri 10.00 ­ 16.00, Sat-Sun 10.00 ­
Cut and Splice goes fungal-interactive. This extraordinary sound
installation will connect you with the live bioelectric sounds generated by
locally grown living mushrooms. Hear the life force of the fungi. Is this
Artist Talk
Charles Amirkhanian
Lawrence Batley Theatre, Festival Hub, 19.30, 24/11/07
The US sound-text artist and Other Minds festival Artistic Director will
discuss his newly commissioned work Quince Quinoa and approach to
composition with BBC Radio 3¹s Robert Worby.
Making Vegetable Instruments
Huddersfield Open Market, 10.00-11.30, 24/11/07
A hands-on vegetable instrument-making experience at Huddersfield¹s Open
Market led by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. This workshop will explain in
a few minutes how to build a carrot flute or a cucumberophone, with hot soup
available throughoutŠ

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For further information please contact David Rogerson
Publishing & Information Manager. Tel: 020 7928 7337 or
Email: david at sonicartsnetwork.org

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