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Friday october 5th, saturday 6th & sunday 7th:
 “Discos Invisibles @ Cubo @ EnTijuanarte”
For the fifth consecutive year, we invite you to visit us at the  EnTijuanarte art fair, wich will again be held on the esplanade of the Tijuana Cultural Center. This year we will be participating with the Lui Velazquez Collective, on their instalation titled CUBO. The piece that will be presented in this instalation is a product of Nacho's recent Latin American tour:

>From Lima to Tijuana & Vice versa / coming & going 1 [2007] click here to listen to the audio

José Ignacio López Ramírez-Gastón
            Discos Invisibles
One channel leaves Lima and another returns, one arrives at the Jorge Chávez Airport where Perú ends for a moment, the other one returns at the same time from abroad to the tranquility of not having to go anywhere. Conquistadores, Javier Prado, La Marina. One channel goes and the othe returns and carries out the opposite route. One single auditory memory with double direction, without process. Memories for someone that leaves but doesn't want to leave, nor return... 
This piece attempts the invasion of the audible memory of the city of Lima, over the audible presence of the city of Tijuana. The audio is in its original state and its characteristics are defined only by the technical and spatial circumstances of its acquisition. While one channel of the stereo signal travels from the Miraflores barrio to the Jorge Chavez Airport, the other channel travels in the opposite direction, with the same audio signal, only inverted. 
  Visit our stand, purchase a few "Discos Invisibles" and listen to what CUBO has to offer. 

Upcoming events:
Discos Invisibles @ Festival Futuralia
Place: México City

Date: November 2nd through the 16th.


El Lazo Invisible @ Northwestern Literature Festival

Place: Multiforum of the Baja California Cultural Institute, Tijuana B.C.
Date: November 8th to 10th.


Jose Ignacio Lopez @ Visiones Sonoras International Festival 

Place: México City & Morelia, Michoacán.
Date: November 21th through the 28th. 

Discos Invisibles @ Upgrade! Tijuana
Place: Tijuana Cultural Center

Date: November 30th.
Discos Invisibles
Is a work collective based in Tijuana, Mexico, interested in the use of new languages developed due to the technological advance and the way these mechanisms can be implemented to break international and interpersonal barriers. It’s been devoted mainly to sonic experimentation and, through Discos Invisibles -independent record label- to the generation, production and distribution of CD-R’s which are 100% home made, maybe more.
The collective coexists in the digital daily life, in between high tech and digital marginality. It works in favour of the dismythification of technological environments like advanced and exclusive worlds. It is also interested in the distribution of technology and the concepts of the digital world to all social levels.
"Sound is born for everyone ", and “Cyberspace as a public space” are some of the phrases that mark the way of our work towards an aesthetic liberty that is careful of not falling in to mimicry and unnecessary duplication. Through its facet as an independent CD-R label, and net label, Discos Invisibles supports and contributes the non profit exchange as a cultural variation of the open source, free culture and free distribution systems (through Creative Commons). This way, it continues with the tradition and principles of public access to the means of generation and distribution of artistic and technological material. Within this line of work, Discos Invisibles has participated in the organization of on-line music festivals like: Suramérica Electrónica and Electrónica Mexicana, pioneer festivals in their genre, and also in a series of artistic interventions and installations in the border area between the U.S. and Mexico, which have been oriented to the theme of recontextuali
zation of audio and Sound art in the border area.
Write to us at info[at]discosinvisibles[dot]org
            Site: www.discosinvisibles.org
            Blog: blog.discosinvisibles.org
            Net label: www.d-i-net.org


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Discos Invisibles es un grupo de trabajo afincado en Mexico, interesado en la crecion de proyectos y eventos de caracter gratuito, orientados a la generacion de enlaces entre los artistas sonoros digitales de latinoamerica. Ellos organizan el EM, festival sin intereses economicos o comerciales. Las nociones de autogestion e independencia a traves de los nuevos medios globales de acceso y distribucion son su punto de partida. Independencia y bytes...
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