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Comrades! Apologies for x-posting.
* A new net-release is out now on Nexsound.
First 8 – In Tune /ns57
This debut album of a young Ukrainian electronic musician First 8 (pron. First Aid) is a harmonious combination of many sounds of different origins (acoustic instruments - electric guitar, amp, piano; field recordings and electronics).
* Andrey Kiritchenko makes a soundtrack for a sculture (art object) by US based artist Dzine for the 52nd International Art Exhibition in Venice which will open to the public on June 7-10.  The art-object is a lowrider bicycle. 
Kiritchenko will also make a DJ set with Ukrainian contemporary electronic and traditional folk music on the exhibition opening inside of another sculpture - a boat that will reflect the classic lowrider feel set in contemporary color tones of blue, yellow and gold.
* A new release by Andrey Kiritchenko in Mort Aux Vaches series on Staalplaat record label is finally out. The release was recorded in May 2006 live on VPRO radio / The Netherlands in Dwars program run by Berry Kamer. To be available soon in our mailorder.
* Upcoming CD releases:
This year we start a series of “accessible” releases which we call NEXSOUND PQP 
There will be two short CDep releases:
SARALUNDEN & Andrey Kiritchenko – There was no end
And one by Nole Plastique will be released as Nexsound.
Also, in the meantime Nexsound will release “Vibrating Portraits” net-compilation
with the likes of Maps and Diagrams, (etre), Autistici, Flotel, Lawrence English, He Can Jog, 
Gregg Kowalsky aka Ossobucco, Elio, and others.
* New free track of Zavoloka on Ryuichi Sakamoto's CHAIN-MUSIC compilation
* New release by KOTRA & MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Live in Dnipropetrovs'k is out now on Audiotongue
* New Nexsound and Detali Zvuku T-Shirts are available in our mailorder.
Na zdorovja!
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