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FLOW @ Diapason Gallery
9 PM Friday, June 8, 2007

Experimenting with noise, sound, and image...FLOW brings you closer
to the edge of dreams than you would normally find yourself. FLOW 
provides you with continual sound and vision with stimulating textures 
and rapid eye movements leaving you craving more. Come and watch the
sound/visual experiences of these 4 acts as they navigate their way
through the rapidly shifting textures of mind and creation!

1. Ian Epps and Blithe Riley 
2. Jason Ajemian
3. Corridors
4. Red Chair

Ian Epps : a Sonic/Visual Artist, was born in Lakenheath, UK in 1977. He
received his BFA from Alfred University, in 1999. His sound explorations 
are deeply invested in a fascination with how an object speaks, utters, 
and dissolves itself within its given surroundings. Through this, he treats 
sounds as building blocks. The blocks become pieces of information that 
synthesize space. Each block speaks, sings,and erodes, but together 
sound out the warmth and infinitely complex nature of impermanence.

His work has been exhibited in the Walker Art Center, Lovebytes
Biennial (Sheffield, UK), Garage Projects (Atlanta, GA), A.I.R.
Gallery (NY, NY), EYEDRUM (Atlanta, GA), and SIGGRAPH2004 (Los 
Angeles, CA). He has performed alongside and in collaboration with
Rafael Toral, Andrew Deutsch and Pauline Oliveros, Ogurusu Norihide,
Kenneth Kirschner, Mountains, Takeshi Mitsuhashi, Richard Devine,
EVOL, Dave Gross and Liz Tonne, Joe McPhee, and collectively with Dan 
Walsh, and Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer under the name "the

Epps's recent releases can be found on SoftL Music www.softlmusic.com, 
Grain of Sound www.grainofsound.com, Powershovel Audio 
www.powershovelaudio.com,  On;(do) www.ondomusic.com, and 
Seasonal www.seasonalbk.net.For further information: http://ianepps.com/

Blithe Riley : is a Brooklyn-based artist working with video, performance 
and installation. Incisive and uncomfortable, her works reveal us to
ourselves and turn the audience-performer relationship on its head.
Her work combines narrative elements with systemic based structures.
Recent projects have explored the operations of spectatorship in 
various contexts, and use video to address the constructs of
perception. Her work has been screened nationally and internationally
at venues such as the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo,
NY, Roulette Performance Series, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's 
125 Maiden Lane Space in New York City, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, The
Warhol Museum, and Regina Miller Gallery, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jason Ajemian : is a double bassist and composer living in Chicago. 
He moved to Chicago in the fall of 2000 after receiving a Bachelors Degree 
in Music from William Paterson University. There he studied with bassist
Rufus Reid and composer Kevin Norton. By 2003 many of his collectives
for composing and performing began to get international recognition, 
which has taken him throughout Europe, Canada and the US to perform.
The end of 2006 and early 2007 holds new releases from: Daydream Full
Lifestyles, Who Cares How Long You Sink (Sundmagi), Dragons 1976
(Multikulti), A Cushicle, Lay All Over It, The Exploding Star 
Orchestra (Thrill Jockey) and The Chicago Underground Trio (Delmark).

Corridors : Byron Westbrook is a composer/sound artist living in Brooklyn, 
NY. His work involves performance of processed instrumental and 
environmental recordings through a multi-channel environment with a
focus on redistributing distilled energy of sound and light.   In solo
performances under the name CORRIDORS, a system of multiple 
amplifiers is used in conjunction with PA speakers to create a dynamic 
space within a space using sound and video projection. He has also
collaborated with Rhys Chatham in the drone metal group Essentialist
(Table of the Elements), as well as performed in Phill Niblock,
Chatham, Glenn Branca and Jonathan Kane's ensembles.   This 
performance will present a piece for live guitar feedback and voice.

Red Chair : is Jeremy Slater and Patrick Todd 

Jeremy Slater : Otherwise known as (  ), is an aritst who works with
video and sound in performance and installation settings. He was one 
of the 1999 recipients of the Computer Art Fellowship from New York 
Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) and has exhibited and performed 
nationally and internationally. http://www.parenthesismedia.com 

Patrick Todd : Exploring the outer realms of manufacturing noise 
production through digital interface, Patrick Todd will bring us his
raw sound in what will prove to be an electrifying evening of
excessive/compulsive distortions and feedback.

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