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Looks like blogger spam detective bots found suspect spam material on my blog for Plac.Art.X so they did shut down the blog. I hope it will be up soon but for you who are interested in seing what this is about with the headphone festival Plac.Art.X on the 18th august take a look at the (hopefully temporary) blogsite at http://placartx.blogspot.com/

Hopefully the old one at http://placart.blogspot.com will be able to view soon.

Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew)
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  On the 18th august  Plac.Art.X is taking place at Leerer Beutel in Regensburg, Germany. This will be a 12 hour placard (headphone festival), starting in afternoon at 3 PM (CET) and ending 12 hours later in the night at 3 AM (CET). 
  The Plac.Art.X in Regensburg will be a mix of on location artists and virtual remote artists. Here is a video where you can get a pretty good overview of what a placard can be. We are now setting up the placard on the web and we take applications and suggestions. 
  Read more at http://placart.blogspot.com/ 

  The theme of this placard is "Found Sounds" (including field recordings), but don't let that keep you from doing what you want. If you play the nose flute or the cither - please go ahead! You can either join us in Regensburg/Bavaria or be with us through the audio streams on the web. In any case, please contact us about participation with sending a mail asap to: 
   miulew at gmail dot com


  or just sign up and login @ http://leplacard.org/2007/Plac.Art.X/

  Details about audio servers and patches will be sent after confirmation, so please leave your e-mail address so we can have contact with you. The Plac.Art.X will happen in in Regensburg as part of the art.xxXtenxion happenings during 9th aug to 2nd september by media art group Pomodoro Bolzano.

  The mix of local artists and remote artists on the same event goes very well with the ongoing themes at art.xxXtenxion including other mixed reality happenings that Pomodoro Bolzano is working with

  Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew)
  curator and artist-in-resident
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