[Microsound-announce] Workshop II: Modes of Listening – The Alienating Feedback of Sound

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Apologies for multiple posting

Dear friends and colleagues -

attached is an invitation to the herbst academy and its workshops  
during this years steirischer herbst festival. "Workshop II: Modes of  
Listening – The Alienating Feedback of Sound" might be especially  
interesting for some of you!

Kind regards,

Gerda Strobl


herbst academy
steirischer herbst 2007
20/09 - 14/10/07 in Graz

Within the steirischer herbst festival in Graz /Austria the herbst- 
Academy is holding three workshops for twenty young international  
artists and theorists once again this year. These workshops form the  
theoretical backbone, a kind of framework for the festival. The  
workshops are limited to approx. 20 persons, the participation fee is  
150 Euro each. Each workshop has 5 grants that can be applied for  
(including lodging & participation fee). The spoken language will be  
English. Deadline for applications is 31/07/2007.

For detailed information and registration modalities please visit:  

1. Workshop I: Kinship and other Monstrosities
2. Workshop II: Modes of Listening – The Alienating Feedback of Sound
3. Workshop III: Spaces of Negotiation

1. Workshop I (24/09 – 29/09/2007)
Kinship and other Monstrosities
Antigone as a myth, a failed hero, a theatrical figure and a cultural  
political concept will be the starting cloth of this workshop which  
is led by Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke. Together with the  
workshop participants, they will collect, cross-read and process  
material that tackles the myth of Antigone, the problematics of  
kinship, the politics of representing (or creating) monsters in our  
society, the functionalities of terror in a capitalistic world, the  
precarious relation between death, incest, family and suicide.
By Kattrin Deufert (D) & Thomas Plischke (D)
With Jeroen Peeters (B), Katharina Pewny (A/D) & Marcus Steinweg (D)
 >>more: www.steirischerherbst.at/2007/english/micro/workshop_1.php

2. Workshop II (01/10 – 06/10/2007)
Modes of Listening – The Alienating Feedback of Sound
This workshop is going to carry out some theoretical as well as  
practical research in the field of 21st century experimental music- 
production and -reception. Artists like Francisco López, Philip Jeck  
and the Staalplaat Soundsystem will provide an insight into their  
current work and discuss their artistic positions.
By Tom Lamberty (D), Heike Schleper (D), Bernhard Schreiner (D/A)
With Philip Jeck (GB), Francisco López (E), Staalplaat Soundsystem  
(NL/D) and Matthias Vogel (D)
 >>more: www.steirischerherbst.at/2007/english/micro/workshop_2.php

3. Workshop III (07/10 – 12/10/2007)
Spaces of Negotiation
The relationship between architecture, everyday culture and place in  
the context of a globalised life-world is starting point of this  
workshop led by ifau (Institute of Applied Urbanism, Berlin) and the  
architecture-theorist Jesko Frezer. Exploring the relationship of  
aesthetic and use based on selected examples of architecture in Graz  
is the starting point for a discussion of the social performance of  
By ifau and Jesko Fezer (D)
With Kerstin Höger (CH), Dorit Margreiter (A), muf architecture art  
(GB), Riklef Rambow (D), Christian Schmid (CH)
 >>more: www.steirischerherbst.at/2007/english/micro/workshop_3.php

steirischer herbst
info at steirischerherbst.at / www.steirischerherbst.at
t +43 316 823 007 / f +43 316 823 007 77 / Sackstraße 17 / 8010  
Graz / Austria

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