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Thu Jul 19 19:26:49 EDT 2007

Last chance @ X-sounds

Invitation: closing @ X-sounds on Saturday, 21 July, 8:00pm
evening's program:
Spiro Sakoufakis, Frappé - an interactive culinary performance
„Dance with Me“ Performance with Stella Caric
Joe Masi featuring Max K & Lola Amorez: Wham-Bam Music in Classical Form

Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Naunynstraße 27
D- 10997 Berlin 

More information:

Exhibition daily 4.00 pm – 8.pm until July 21st:

Satoshi Morita: Sound of Value
Multi-channel sound installation: Exchange rates form the economic foundations of our world. Here they 
lose their original meaning. Read as a score they originate a symphony.

Ulrike Sowodniok & Max Schneider: Re-Animation
Five-part sound installation: Breathing creates worlds - urban, mercantile, natural, individual. Through the 
flow and rhythm of intake and release, five different scenarios explore our existence.

Valeria Merlini: Mine? Yours? Hers?
Walkable audio play: A sound story, fragmented in time and space. Who is meeting us in these acoustic 
encounters? Reconstruct a person and her daily life by following the sound stations.

Martin Backes and Christine Schön: Under Influence
Multi-channel sound installation made by original sounds: Communism and catholicism, West and 
East – children taking first communion and the Young Pioneers were and are subject to the same 

Frauke Schmidt: Dance with Me
Multimedia sound installation: An invitation to dance - an oversized musical box superimposed with 
the mechanical movements of a human being. The installation explores the individual meanings of 
ever-present sounds.

Heidrun Schramm: MyOwnSpace
Audio-visual installation: Discovering territories, passing through spaces, ignoring marks and signs, 
overcoming hurdles, pits and barriers. MyOwnSpace shows secretive border crossings from an 
unusual perspective.

Marcel Türkowsky: Spyed Spy
Sound installation for prepared audiotape: In the confines of an overheated attic and the tangle of 
overheard voices, an eavesdropper realises that someone is listening.

Maximilian Bräunlich aka Joe Masi: Goodnight Irene
Sound object: A small cabin as a form of mobile privacy.
Bräunlich’s work presents it as a rented non-place, a room for the spontaneous escape.

Helmut Mittermaier: The Varanasi Tapes
Audiovisual soundscape-composition: An acoustic jour-ney through Varanasi, Benares, the 
holy city upon Gan-ges in India. Let your eyes follow your ears.

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