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Hi eveyone
As always, apologies for cross-posting.
I'm very excited about these two performances coming up in early June at Issue Project Room. The first features Stephen Flinn, a percussionist that I met in LA on my recent west coast tour. We were on the same bill at Il Corral and I really enjoyed his set and he liked what I was doing so we made plans to do a collaboration when he came through New York. He also suggested that we invite Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Michael Evans, to join us. This should be quite a bit more propulsive than my usual fare.
I am also thrilled to have been invited to join Emil de Waal and some of his friends for a large ensemble piece which features some of my favorite performers: Gustaf Ljunggren, a great guitarist from Sweden; Erik Sanko, a fantastic player and songwriter who I have been collaborating with recently; and Andy Green, ace producer, great guitar slinger and an old friend of many years. Also on board is Danish keyboardist Søren Kjaergaard.

June 1 8pm $10
Issue Project Room

Stephen Flinn | Michael Evans | Bruce Tovsky

Percussionists Stephen Flinn and Michael Evans join forces with sound artist Bruce Tovsky for an evening of improvisations, exploring the territory between acoustic instrumentation and electronic manipulation. Flinn's extended technique mastery of the elements of a drum kit and Evans' journeyman creation of sounds are acoustically generated and combined with lo-tech electronics and Tovsky's processed sustainer guitar and cracklebox.

Stephen Flinn is a drummer and percussionist who also works with unusual sound sources including self-made insturments and found objects. He lives in San Francisco and spends his time teaching, performing, and writing.

Michael Evans is an improvising drummer/percussionist/ multi-instrumentalist/composer whose work investigates and embraces the collision of sound and theatrics. His work with unusual sound sources includes found objects, homemade instruments, the theremin and various digital and homemade analog electronics. He has performed with Jeff Arnal, Claire Barratt, Jac Berrocal, Lol Coxhill, EasSide Percussion, Fast Forward, God is my Co-Pilot, Susan Hefner, Skip LaPlante's Music for Homemade Instruments and others. 

Bruce Tovsky is a visual/sound artist who for the past several years has been creating live video and sound improvisations in collaboration with artists such as John Hudak, David Linton and Kim Cascone at spaces such as Diapason, Experimental Intermedia, Issue Project Room, and his own installation space 106BLDG30 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

June 8th 8pm $10
Issue Project Room

Emil de Waal plus + guests

Featuring Swedish multi-musician Gustaf Ljunggren, Søren Kjaergaard on key instruments and Emil de Waal on drums, percussion and laptop.

w/Erik Sanko, Bruce Tovsky and Andy Green

Freeform music by Emil de Waal will be presented from his work at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory on Holmen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Accompanying artists will work with Emil's recorded material, adding solos and backing on the preliminary live recordings.

Emil de Waal is one of the most heavily engaged drummers in Danish rhythmic music, and has toured internationally and appeared on 150 releases since 1986. De Waal is also known as a band-leader, programmer, composer and arranger for artists such as the Blue Note recording jazz vocalist Caecilie Norby and Grammy Award laureate vocalist Randi Laubek, and has performed with Robert Palmer, Kele Le Roc, Jocelyn Brown, Jon Cleary and others.

Multi-instrumentalist Erik Sanko has worked with Skeleton Key, Lounge Lizards, Yoko Ono, John Cale and many others. 

400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231 

Telephone: 718-330-0313 

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info at issueprojectroom.org 

F or G Train to 'Carroll St' (fourth stop in Brooklyn from Manhattan). Exit at front of train. Walk 2.5 blocks from stop down Carroll.


(From the Brooklyn Battery (toll) Tunnel, use a right-hand toll lane and take the next to the right lane after the tolls and take the "Exit Only" lane for Exit 26, Hamilton Avenue. Stay/bear left down the exit ramp and go left under the highway (Stay to the right of the suppers that divide the road!) where you will be facing/about to cross Hamilton Avenue. Clinton Street is diagonally to your left, between Hamilton on the hard left and Huntington to the right. Go into Clinton street and continue on Clinton through 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Places to Carroll Street. Parking is not a problem. 

>From the Brooklyn, Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridges, Queens, or Long Island, head S/W on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway (BQE/278), towards the Verrazano Bridge. Stay in the center lane until Exit 26 to avoid getting caught up in the left and right exits-only. It is then the exact same exit and procedure as above because the BQE merges with the tunnel exit and the Gowanus Expressway just before that point.

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