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Press Release ­ For Immediate Release
Music Dances Itself, curated by Junko Wada
Artist:  Junko Wada
Title:  Music Dances Itself
Label: Sonic Arts Network
Format:  CD & Booklet
Release  Date: 05.06
Limited  Edition: 1000
Sonic Arts Network is proud to present the seventh instalment of their
critically acclaimed CD series - Music Dances Itself, curated by Junko Wada.

Music Dances Itself is a deeply personal selection of music from Japanese
performance artist and dancer, Junko Wada. The publication was produced and
guided by a process of curation, performance and collaboration, which saw
Junko coming to the UK and giving an intimate performance at the Jerwood
Space, London, and has resulted in a delicate and beautiful exploration of
the sound art and music that have impacted upon her life and work. British
artist Sarah Waring, who has produced specially commissioned artwork for the
publication, has translated the live performance given by Junko into image.

Music Dances Itself draws lines between points in Junko¹s life; plotting her
relationships and life experiences and connecting them together through
curation, performance and visual representation. The resulting CD contains
some of the great names in contemporary music including Akio Suzuki,
Christina Kubisch, Hans Peter Kuhn, David Moss and Rolf Julius as well as
rising figures such as Arno P.Jiri Kraehahn and Arnold Dreyblatt.

Junko Wada was born in Tokyo, 1955 and after finishing her studies in
painting at Musashino University of Art and two solo exhibitions at Kamakura
gallery in Tokyo (1982,83) she intensified her interest in performance art
and started to develop a very personal dance; replacing screen and brush
with body and stage. She has since collaborated with some of the world¹s
leading composers. Since 1999 she has lived and worked in Berlin and in 2004
she published the book Chidori which documented the performance series she
conceived as a collaboration with 20 other artists. www.junkowada.de

This publication is part of the critically acclaimed Sonic Arts Network
guest-curated CD series; a collection of themes and ideas that explore the
edges of music and sound. Past issues have been curated around ŒPataphysics,
a call for silence, Adorno inspired improv, outsider and DIY music, impure
poetry and the lost art of radio broadcasting.
After Music Dances Itself, Stewart Lee, comedian and writer of, amongst
other things, Jerry Springer the Opera, will curate the next release in the
series (August 2006).

By becoming a member of Sonic Arts Network you will receive a complimentary
issue of the CD three times a year.  They are also available to buy
individually from the online shop. For more information visit

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