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for people in the cologne area......

embrace #1

JON ROSE (violin, electronics, videos, australia)
THOMAS LEHN (analogue synthesizer, germany)

So. 28.05. 2006, 20.00 h

Kulturbunker Muelheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Koeln

Jon Rose
Thomas Lehn

embrace ist eine neue ambitionierte Projektreihe des Kulturbunker Mülheim.
Es treffen immer ein internationaler und eine Kölner Musiker aus dem Bereich
der experimentellen elektronischen Musik aufeinander um vor Ort ein neues
Stück/Programm zu erarbeiten. Der Bunker wird als "open work space", als
Studio genutzt, in zwei Tagen erwirtschaften hier die Musiker neues
Material. Dies wird zum Abschluss der Arbeitsphase in einem Konzert dem
Publikum präsentiert, wobei neben dem normalen Konzert auch eine Diskussion
über die Ergebnisse angeregt werden soll. Es geht bei embrace neben dem
internationalen Austausch nicht zuletzt um das Transparentmachen von
Arbeitsmethoden und -ansätzen auch für das Publikum. Mit freundlicher
Unterstützung der SK Stiftung Kultur - Förderprogramm.


- the long and short of it -

In diesem gemeinsamen Projekt entwickeln Jon Rose und Thomas Lehn eine
audio-visuelle Performance unter Verwendung von elektronischen Wellen und
Saiten extrem unterschiedlicher Längen. Der Klang von Violinen und
Synthesizern bzw. von bis zu 5400 km langen Zäunen der 'outback' Australiens
sind im Kulturbunker zu erleben. Sie präsentieren dies live unter Einbindung
von Videodokumentationen.

Born 1951

Jon Rose started playing the violin at 7 years old, after winning a music
scholarship to King's School Rochester. He gave up formal music education at
the age of 15 and from then on, was mostly self-taught.
Throughout the 1970's, first in England then in Australia, he played,
composed and studied in a large variety of music genres - from sitar playing
to country & western; from 'new music' composition to commercial studio
session work; from Bebop to Italian club bands; from Big Band serial
composition to Sound Installations. He became the central figure in the
development of Free Improvisation in Australia, performing in almost every
Art Gallery, Jazz and Rock club in the country - either solo or with an
international pool of improvising musicians called The Relative Band.
In 1986, he moved to Berlin in order to more fully realise his on-going
project (of some 25 years): The Relative Violin). This is the development of
a Total Artform based around the one instrument. Necessary to this concept
has been innovation in the fields of new instrument design (over 20
deconstructed violin instruments including the legendary double piston
triple neck wheeling violin, environmental performance (eg. playing fences
in the Australian outback using the violin as a bow), new instrumental
techniques (tested sometimes in uninterrupted marathon concerts of up to 12
hours long), both analogue (built into the violins themselves) and the more
recently inter-active electronics (3 bowing to Midi systems)... plus using
the mediums of radio (over 20 major International productions for radio
stations like ABC, BBC, WDR, SR, BR, Radio France, RAI, ORF, SFB, etc
including 'Eine Violine für Valentin', 'The Long Sufferings of Anna
Magdalena Bach' and 'Breadfruit'), live-performance-film, video and
television to create a new, alternative, personal and revised history for
Jon Rose performs his group projects and solo music in upwards of 50
concerts every year - in North America, Japan, Australia, South America,
China, Scandinavia and just about every country in West & East Europe. He is
featured regularly in the main festivals of New Music, Jazz and Sound Art
e.g. Strasbourg New Music Festival; New Music America; Moers New Jazz
Festival; European Media Festival; The Vienna Festival; Ars Elektronica; The
Northsea Jazz Festival; Dokumenta; Roma-Europa Festival; Festival D'Automne;
Festival Musique Actuelle; The Berlin Jazz Festival, etc.
Recently he has also been invited to curate Contemporary Music Festivals in
Germany (e.g. Berlin Urbane Aboriginale) and Austria (e.g. Wels
'Unlimited'). Jon Rose curates his own on-going festival "String 'em up" of
radical string players and their instruments, taking place in Podewil,
Berlin in 1998 and Dodorama and V2, Rotterdam in 1999, Tonic, New York in
2000 and Mains D'Oeuvres, Paris in 2002.
Jon Rose has appeared on over 60 records and CD's; He has worked with many
of the innovators and mavericks in contemporary music such as Derek Bailey,
Butch Morris, Barry Guy, Fred Frith, Shelley Hirsh, Joelle Leandre, Connie
Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Chris Cutler, Otomo Yoshihide, KK Null, Toshinori
Kondo, Francis-Marie Uitti, Alvin Curran, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, Phil
Minton, Mark Dresser, John Cage, Joel Ryan, Peter Kowald, Mari Kimura, The
Soldier String Quartet, Borah Bergman, Tristan Honsinger,Tony Oxley, Cor
Fuhler, Steve Beresford, Eugene Chadbourne, Bob Ostertag, Malcolm Goldstein,
Jim Denley, David Moss, Miya Masaoka, Barre Phillips, Roger Turner, George
Lewis, Gunter Christmann, Davy Williams, Misha Mengelberg, Elliott Sharpe,
Lauren Newton, Uli Gumpert, Christian Marclay, Richard Barret, John Zorn,
etc). In 1989, in co-operation with New Music Festival 'Inventionen'
(Berlin), he directed the first 'Relative Violin Festival' with over 50
violinists from around the world.
In 1991, he directed "Das Rosenberg Museum", a surrealist satire
commissioned by German Television's ZDF, this piece later became the first
interactive video ever to be controlled by a violin bow. Other films/videos
include 'Café Central' and 'Shopping' (both made for ORF, Austria).
Jon Rose is also the originator of 2 books - The Pink Violin and Violin
Music in the Age of Shopping (both published by NMA, Melbourne). Jon Rose is
currently performing The Hyperstring Project, one of a number of highly
acclaimed works for violin and inter-active software. In addition there are
performances of Violin Factory featuring large string orchestras and
interactive video in Europe and Australia. His group projects include
Strung, Violin Music in the Age of Shopping (with the likes of Chris Cutler,
Lauren Newton, Otomo Yoshihide, etc); the infamous Berlin Noise-Impro-Rock
Band Slawterhaus (with Johannes Bauer, Dietmar Diesner & Peter Hollinger);
The interactive 'Badminton' game Perks, based on the musical innovations and
perversions of Australian freak composer Percy Grainger; and there are four
established improvising trios which are currently performing... The Exiles
(with Tony Buck & Joe Williamson), and The Kryonics (with Aleks Kolkowski &
Matthias Bauer), Artery (with Chris Abrahams and Clayton Thomas), and Futch
(with Thomas Lehn and Johannes Bauer).
A new duo Temperament was formed in 2000 with pianist Veryan Weston,
specialising in improvisation with different tunings (Just, 19 tone, etc)
for the keyboards and various scordatura for the violins.
Other on going projects are Australia Ad Lib which documents alternative
music practice in Australia and the duo Great Fences of Australia, a
collaboration with US violinist Hollis Taylor.
Jon Rose is again living in Australia and working on Pannikin - a commission
from The Melbourne Festival, due to be performed in October 2005.

Thomas Lehn
analogue synthesizer, piano

Since the early 1980s Thomas Lehn has been working as a performer,
interpreter, composer and improviser of contemporary music. His individual
style of musical expression is rooted in the experience of a broad spectrum
of musical fields. After studying recording engineering at the Hochschule
fuer Musik in Detmold (Germany), he moved to Cologne and studied both
classical and jazz piano at the Hochschule fuer Musik Koeln.
As an interpreting pianist he has played concerts since 1982 - performing
both contemporary new music including numerous first performances and
traditional composed music of the classical and romantically period. In 1989
he initiated the chamber ensemble Trio Dario and four years later the
Mengano Quartett, focussing on performing compositions of the contemporary
Parallel to his work as a pianist, he concentrates on composing and
performing electronic music. Based on his background as an interpreting and
improvising pianist in classical-, contemporary and jazz-music, he developed
his individually language in live-electronic music. The electronic equipment
he uses consists of analogue synthesizers of the late 1960s. The facilities
of these instruments - e. g. to modify electronic sounds very directly as
well as to combine and to control several parameters at the same time -
allows him to spontaneously act and react in close contact with the process
of tension, space and structure of the music during its performance. In 2000
his first solo CD 'Feldstaerken' has been released on German label random
His present ensemble activities include duetts with Gerry Hemingway and
Marcus Schmickler, whos CDs 'Tom & Gerry' and 'Bard' has been released on
Erstwhile Records, Guenter Christmann, who published the CD 'temps duree' on
his own label edition explico, and Eugene Chadbourne, with whom he published
'c inside' on grob. Other duos with Paul Lovens and Raymond Strid are
preparing their first record releases. Moreover he collaborates in trios
with Tim Hodgkinson and Roger Turner (KONK PACK; CD 'Big Deep' out on grob),
Phil Minton and Axel Doerner (TOOT), Radu Malfatti and Phil Durrant
('beinhaltung' and 'dach' released on Fringes and Erstwhile), Peter van
Bergen and Gert-Jan Prins (E-RAX, 'live at the bimhuis' out on X-OR),
Andreas Wagner and Guido Hafner (Die Klangraeumer, 'Mangelware' out on
hybrid), John Bucher and Andy "Ex" Moor, Hannes Loeschel and Josef Novotny
(ANTASTEN) and with Wolfgang Fuchs and Fabrizio Spera (LINGUA; 'Lingua' out
on oaksmus). Larger ensembles are VARIO 34 a sextet with Guenter Christmann,
Alexander Frangenheim, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens and Christian Munthe
('vario-34' and 'water writes only in plural' released by edition explico
and concepts of doing); GLASSBAND, a quintet with Phil Wachsmann, Evan
Parker, Alexander Frangenheim and Roger Turner; and last, but not least
MIMEO, the Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra, which includes 12
representatives of contemporary electronic music from 7 European nations.
Thomas Lehn has been touring in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,
England, France, Germany, Hungaria, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,
Serbia, Slovacia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA and Canada.
He performed at international festivals like Free Music/Antwerp (2002),
Kongsberg Jazzfestival/Oslo (2002), Time Flies/Vancouver (2002), Doek
Festival/Amsterdam (2001), rumor/Rotterdam/Utrecht (2001, 2000), Hessisches
Jazzpodium (2001), machinations/imaginations/Bremen (2001), next music
festival/Bratislava (2001), Alternativa Festival/Prague (2001), November
Music/s´-Hertogenbosch/Gent/Essen (2002, 2001), Earshot Jazzfestival/Seattle
(2001), Edge Festival/Ann Arbor (2001), sound on screen/Cologne (2001),
Copenhagen Jazzfestival (2002, 2001), Synthese Festival/Bourges (2001), 'O
da Guarda' New Music Festival/Guarda (2001), Angelica Festival (2001),
Nordischer Klang/Greifswald (2001), Archipel/Geneve (2001), Banlieues Bleues
(2001), pol/Frankfurt (2001), nozart/Cologne (2001, 1999), Images
Sonores/Liege (2001), Metronom/Barcelona (2001), Total Music Meeting/Berlin
(2000), real time music meeting/Hamburg (2000, 1996), Fruits de Mhere/Mhere
(2000), Musique Action/Vandoeuvre (2000, 1999), FIMAV/Victoriaville (2000),
Musik Triennale/Cologne (2000), impakt/Utrecht (2000),
Kaleidophon/Ulrichsberg (2000, 1999), phonoTAKTIK/Vienna (1999),
Konfrontationen/Nickelsdorf (2002, 2000, 1998, 1997), New Jazz
Festival/Moers (1998), LMC/London (1998), Szuenetjel/Budapest (1997, 1996),
Brueckenmusik/Cologne (1997), KlangArt/Osnabrueck (1997), nieuwe klank/Den
Haag (1996), Schreyahner Herbst/Schreyahn (1995), Humannoise/Wiesbaden
(1995), CIEF/Copenhagen (1995), conceopts of doing/Stuttgart (1994, 1993),
not wanting to say anything about john cage/Cologne (1993) a.m.o.
He has been involved in projects promoted and/or supported by
Goethe-Institutes in Budapest, London, Roma, Manchester, Marseille, York and
Thomas Lehn lives in Cologne.

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

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