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Tue May 23 15:00:50 EDT 2006

Stasisfield presents its latest free mp3 release...


SF-5003: Cataraqui - Michael Trommer


Toronto-based artist and musician Michael Trommer's full-length 
release is a magnificent collection of field recording-derived 
composition. From the expanse of its starkly minimal opening track 
through a series of pieces that gradually build in their structural 
complexity and sonic palette, the music throughout Cataraqui moves 
along at a steady pace, engaging the listener with its diversity and 
exquisite craftsmanship until culminating in a final track featuring 
source material recorded in Mies van der Rohe's Toronto-Dominion 
Centre and plaintive vocals (by London band The Remote Viewers' 
Louise Petts) which will no doubt shock longtime Stasisfield 
listeners with their easily accessible beauty.

Available for download + streaming now:

[ http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/year05/sf-5003.html ]


And from the archives...


SF-2008: Transparent Geometries & Close-Ups - Thanos Chrysakis


London-based composer Thanos Chrysakis' debut solo release is an 
exotic exploration of ambience. Its three tracks create somber sonic 
environments that feel at times both deeply spiritual yet vaguely 
ominous, while manipulating the listener's perceptions of acoustic 
space. Thickly distant drones give way to up-front microscopic sonic 
events bathed in swathes of silence, finally culminating in 
manipulated chimes which produce a haunting sense of beauty.

Available for download now:

[ http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/archive/ ]


Thanks for listening.



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