[Microsound-announce] naw live show this sunday july 30th cherry beach

Neil Wiernik neil at phoniq.net
Fri Jul 28 14:59:12 EDT 2006

just passing along this info to you all hope to see you all there (assuming 
your in the tononto area)

this sunday July 30th
promise cherry beach sunday afternoon soundsystem

Join us this sunday as we welcome guest Jesse from Ottawa and Simon from 
Montreal. Jesse will be playing some gorgeous afternoon house and Simon will be 
blending a mix of mellow electro, house and techno. Adam Marshall is off for 
the rest of the summer for a European tour and well celebrate his trip as he 
gives us not a techno set but house! Neil (Naw) will be doing a trippy live 
laptop techno set mid afternoon. JK 47 just released an album and visit the 
sunday parties almost every week. And rounding out in the most smooth way will 
be Cherry Beach favourites Nick and Pierre and Amanda (Freedom). Theres also 
two metal head guys wailing on guitars live for a short show, smooth too but 
different smooth.

3.00 JK47 - dubby downtempo
4.30 Naw - live techno
5.30 Mythic from Ottawa - sunny afternoon house
6.30 Electric Opus - live metal
7.00 Nick and Pierre - dreamy funkmash
8.00 Adam Marshall - house!
9.00 OBU from Montreal - mellow electro, house and techno
10.0 Freedom - strawberry jelly drum and bass

Bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only nice 
dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on this lazy sunny 
sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.

3 to 11pm sunday - east end of the park, in from the water.

directions to Cherry Beach: Take Lakeshore Blvd east of downtown just past 
Parliament. Turn south down Cherry Street all the way to the end, then go east 
into the parking lot on your left. At the furthest east of the lot walk along 
the bike path and turn left up the trail into the woods... you'll hear music. 
If you end up at the lake, you're going the wrong way.

Biking to Cherry Beach is easy along the paths beside the lake, a new bus route 
from Union Station goes down there too.

things to think about: Please bring only what you plan to take back out with 
you - leave no trace. Pack something warm (it gets cool after dark by the lake) 
and something to sit on and also something to keep sun off your head. Drink 
lots of water. Bring something to share.

And remember while down at the beach to take care of your friends, your 
neighbours, and what's going on around you. It's what makes the sunday 
afternoons happen smoothly.

If the weather turns grey the day of, call 416 323 0361 for the contingency 

all the best,
David and Irving

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