[Microsound-announce] Dawid Szczesny - Stapes VI-VII ep OUT NOW!

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AudioTong.net presents:

Dawid Szczesny - Stapes VI-VII ep


   The newest release on AudioTong comes from one of the most interesting 
young Polish musicians - Dawid Szczesny.


   His music is based on samples of old records, tapes and field recordings. 

It's ambient-like structure and feeling makes you want to press the 'repeat' 

button as soon as you start listening to the recordings.


   Szczesny's debut album on Supralinear offshoot label of Mille Plateaux 

("Unheard Treats") was highly acclaimed by the magazines and listeners 

in whole Europe, the EP we're presenting now on AudioTong is at least 

as fine as his previous releases.


   These two pieces are continuation of a project started on an EP for (1.8)sec-records. 

They are all never-ending loops, created to be played live, with different timing, 

in different configurations. 


   Each of them might be listened either as a never ending loop or a finished piece itself. 


   The whole idea of using long, apparently simple loops, is to make a listener perceive 

each sound's repeatability and principle, which is different at every performance, depending 

- in some way - on accident.



   Dawid Szczesny's "Stapes VI-VII" ep is out now for download at 

   ->>> http://audiotong.net/audio/releases/tng1009-en.html







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