[Microsound-announce] collaborators?

Jair-Rohm gtc at chello.se
Fri Apr 14 14:17:39 EDT 2006


I'm an improvising musician based in Sweden and i'm looking for 
collaborators for live performance in venues in the Niedersachsen and 
NordRhein-Westfallen regions of Germany. Laptops, bent circuits, 
"conventional" instruments, voice and dance are all interesting. Feel 
free to contact me on or off list. For those of you not familiar with 
me and what i do, i work primarily with electric upright bass processed 
with delays and Nord Micro Modular. Check out my releases in the sig to 
this post or run a search engine on my name for more info.


Jair-Rohm Parker Wells

Experience and buy "Exquisite Noise"
and don't forget to check out Decision Dream at:

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