[Microsound-announce] A Sense of Scale radio broadcast of Radio Sermonettes program, part of the art exhibition at The foundry, London

guiver ben benreviug at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 10:41:14 EDT 2006

Dear all, 

hi. This is on tonight on Resonance 104.4 fm at 7pm
London time, so i guess thats 1pm this afternoon for
those of you in the states / that kinda time zone: the
broadcast is also webstreamed worldwide, just click on
'listen' on Resonancefm.com's frontpage.  

Its also downloadable from


at some point later today until the 12th May. 

i've copied the promo blurb below. if you cannot
download it and really want to hear it get back to me
and i'll sort you out: similarly with JPEGS from the


ben guiver


Ben Guiver works in psychiatry: he was reintroduced to
art at the Arbours Association, and runs an art group
for people with mental health difficulties as part of
his job. His exhibition, A Sense of Scale, opens at
the Foundry vaults on the 4th April, and there is a
radio broadcast as part of the exhibition on Resonance
104.4 fm on the 12th April, at 7pm.
This email is intended to promote an exhibition i'm
doing - A Sense of Scale -  at the Foundry, Old
Street, London, EC1 from the 4th to the 16th April 
2006. tel: 0207 739 6900   hours 3pm to 11pm daily 
(phone in advance)

There is a radio broadcast, on the 12th April at 7pm
on Resonance 104.4 fm (web streamed worldwide) which
is conceptually linked to the exhibition of painting
and photography. It compiles, and possibly remixes,
texts by authors such as Francois Roustang, Will Self,
Hakim Bey, Adam Phillips and Jean Baudrillard.
Similarly to the visual part of the exhibition, it
considers micro and macro political linkages and the
similarities between the processes at different levels
of scale.  

Copyright permission for the use of the texts has been
negociated, and Beggars Banquet / Bowery Electric have
kindly allowed me to use the Bowery Electric track,
"Looping", in the soundstage that is supporting the

The broadcast will be available for download at
www.radio-sermonettes.com for approximately one month
- (12/04/06 to 12/05/06).

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