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Sat May 28 17:22:01 EDT 2005

Hello everyone!


and/OAR is very pleased to present a new work by Dutch sound artist Jos
Smolders, who is also known as one of the founding members of THU20
(along with Roel Meelkop & Peter Duimelinks). This is Smolders' first
release in a long time to not use sounds exclusive to electronic sources.
Sound sources include field recordings from Sweden and Norway, combined
with sounds from the street where Smolders resides. The result is an
ionized mixture of organic progressions and soundscapes. At times, this
release displays energetic jolts of adrenaline tempered with intermittent
moments of late night contemplative quiescence. Abstract and surreal
Escher-like moments appear into distant view like a half remembered
dream, and acoustic and electronic Moebius sound strips suddenly launch
without warning.
Limited to 100 copies.

and/OAR:  http://www.and-oar.org/

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