[Microsound-announce] Symbiosis Playlist (19/6/05 - Jamie Lidell, Matt Rosner)

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Sun Jun 26 07:28:58 EDT 2005

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presented by Simon Hampson
-------show highlights----------------------

26th: Liquid Architecture 6 (Program online:
Jodi Rose (Australia) is in town and I have finally got a chance to get her
down to the studio. She will be performing live (experimenting with some new
tools that she has just picked up!) and having a chat about 'Vibrations',
her record that was released in February this year. DJ Olive (US) joins me
on the phone to talk about his recent adventures around Australia and what
Melbourne audiences can expect from his Liquid Architecture appearance.

3rd: Liquid Architecture 6 (Program online:
Thomas Brinkmann (Germany) visits the Triple R studios to have a chat.
Thomas will be performing live as well as talking about the master class
that he is doing on Monday 4th as part of Liquid Architecture. Local artists
Scott Sinclair, Clinton Green and Joe Musgrove pop by. Scott and Clinton
have just released their new collaboration on Shame File Music, 'With Doors
Open'. In the pipeline: Ai Yamamoto, Zac Keillor (Dreamland Recordings), the
monthly Label Feature returns...


Show Date: 12/6/05

Artist :: Track :: Album :: Label

- Jamie Lidell (UK) talked about his new record on Warp, 'Multiply' and I
chatted with Matt Roesner (Australia) about his new cd on Room 40 and
upcoming tour of the East Coast. Check out the Symbiosis page for more
Room40: www.room40.org 
Warp: www.warprecords.com

Christopher Willits :: no_gasoline... :: Pollen :: Fallt

Pola :: detective :: Meme :: Plop

Aaron Ximm :: beach rain :: Hearing Place :: Move

Chris Abrahams :: bellicose :: Thrown :: Room40

Electric Birds :: strata 2 :: Strata Frames :: U-Cover


Jamie Lidell interview featuring the following tracks from his new release,
'Multiply' (Warp Records):

What is It This Time?
Game For Fools
A Little Bit More
When I Come Back Around


Mouse On Mars :: the end :: Radical Connector :: Sonig/Rogue Records

Colleen :: sweet rolling :: The Golden Morning Breaks :: Leaf

City Frequencies :: pedestrian pulsars :: CD-R :: www.akm.net.au/cityfreqs/ 

Justino :: valmories :: 2004 Demo :: www.ruidobello.org 


Matt Rosner interview featuring tracks from his new release, 'Alluvial'

Lost In The Shift


Snawklor :: assemble the shade :: It Would Have Lived Here :: Synaesthesia

Ilya Monosov :: music for listening structure 3 :: Edition One 25oct ::
Bremssstrahlung Recordings

J.Frede :: double standard :: Allegorical Power October 2003 :: Antiopic

W.I.T. :: #4 :: Terra Australis Vol. 1 :: Shame File Music (available online
at: http://shamefile.tripod.com/)

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