[Microsound-announce] [MODSQUARE] Ctrl-N Release Party ft. Phylum Sinter & Yard, tonight in Chicago

Modsquare editor at modsquare.com
Tue Jun 14 15:09:12 EDT 2005

subVariant Recordings presents:

Modsquare: Ctrl-N Release Party
Tues, June 14, 2005
Sonotheque, 1444 W Chicago Ave, Chicago
$5, or $2 with 10 CDR demos 

Diverse explorations of contemporary abstract electronic music are
featured on the third  free netlabel release from Modsquare, Ctrl-N. Ten
MP3s from ten artists span the extremes  from minimal atmospheric
ponderings to furious Gameboy-composed dance tracks. Artists
contributing are Room, 1+0=everything, kataStatik, 2400W, Craque, Area,
Time Slips By, Bit Shifter, Puzzle, Johnny Square. Ctrl-N is now
available for download at http://www.modsquare.com/music.php.  

Electronic musicians are invited to bring at least 10 demos of their
work to trade with other guests during the night and get in at a reduced
cover. Modsquare is also accepting demos for future netlabel releases.

Phylum Sinter - LIVE [Detroit] (subVariant, Nishi, Modsquare, Post
Yard - LIVE (Merck, Skam, Narita, Toast and Jam)
m50 - DJ (subVariant, Locale, WNUR, Meiotic, illmeasures)
Liz Revision - DJ ({Quantazelle} Modsquare, subVariant)

[DETROIT] Expect an uncommon blend of glitched-out beats, custom DSP
fiddling, proper   melodies, and memorable hooks delivered by Phylum
Sinter, AKA Christopher Todd, from   Detroit, MI. He has been exploring
the connection between sound and imagery for the past  five years and
has contributed tracks to subVariant Recordings, Modsquare, Nishi, and
Post   Under. 

Chris Jones, originally from Portland and now Chicago-based, has
released tracks under Yard on the Merck, Skam, and Narita labels as well
as running his own CDR label, Toast and Jam. With a
destrucitive-dancefloor bend, his music nods to Detroit techno, with
breaks used out of context, cutup vocals shredded through a meat grinder
and cataclysmic basslines. Yard's sound evokes both gritty city life and
abstract organic atmospheres, creating the perfect environment for
shaking your ass and thumpin' your head. Expect a set of well-crafted
dance music and shuddering walls of sound.   


SUBVARIANT RECORDINGS presents the release party for MODSQUARE.COM's
netlabel release, Ctrl -N. Featuring Phylum Sinter [DETROIT](live)
(subVariant, Nishi, Modsquare, Post Under),  Yard (live) (Skam, Merck,
Narita, Toast and Jam), m50 (DJ) (subVariant, Locale, WNUR,  Meiotic,
illmeasures) and Liz Revision (DJ) ({Quantazelle} Modsquare, subVariant)

Tues, June 14, 2005
Sonotheque, 1444 W Chicago Ave, Chicago
$5, or $2 with 10 CDR demos 

SUBVARIANT RECORDINGS is a Chicago-based record label committed to
releasing boundary- pushing, abstract electronic music, and well as
creative approaches to the promotion and  presentation of each artist's
work. http://www.subvariant.com

MODSQUARE.COM is an online magazine covering the most influential and
innovative  developments within contemporary experimental electronic
music and its culture. This  involves not only reviewing music and
interviewing artists, but also focusing on the  enabling technology as
well as the gadgets, accessories, and style that are a part of the
culture. With the introduction of a netlabel providing a series of free
digital releases  featuring tracks from up-and-coming artists, Modsquare
both provides innovative electronic  music to an
increasingly-appreciative audience, as well as increases exposure for
notable  underground musicians. http://www.modsquare.com

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