[Microsound-announce] Expo 966

Richard Whitelaw richard at sonicartsnetwork.org
Wed Jun 8 12:25:52 EDT 2005

Expo 966
17-20 June 2005

Take a British seaside holiday with a difference this summer and promenade
your ears through the wonders of Expo 966 at venues all across Scarborough.
A rare staging of Trevor Wishart¹s Beach Singularity, a celebration of the
British seaside for all the family featuring a marching band, interactive
electronic sound, beach activities and sound games.
Scarborough South Beach, Sunday 19 June 3-6pm
Shelters for Scarborough is a new site-specific sound installation by Justin
Bennett. Justin uses 3 sea view shelters in the Esplanade gardens as
listening points to explore the sound of this beautiful environment.
Esplanade Gardens, South Bay, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June, 11am ­ 5pm
Reconstructing Scarborough by Ergo Phizmiz is a newly commissioned
installation using sound, moving image and objects to evoke impressions of
childhood holidays spent in Scarborough.
Saturday 18 - 25 June, Crescent Arts, The Crescent,
open Saturday - Thursday 10am-1pm and 2-5pm
We¹ve also got SAN summer season specials galore including: an exclusive
live collaboration between Black Galaxy (former members of Napalm Death and
Scorn) and Kreepa; interstellar Theremin action from Man from Uranus; a
performance from Œfirst-wave¹ live electronics pioneer Simon Emmerson and
much, much more. Over 60 artists will be contributing to this donkey ride to
sonic nirvana. See our website for full details. All events are free!
The SAN Expo showcases the best work from artists in the UK using
experimental approaches to sound and technology and highlights the broad
range of approaches and thinking that surrounds the sonic arts.

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