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Antonello Matarazzo is painter and videomaker.
He worked at the the Bellini Theatre in Catania (Italy) as assistant
director and costume designer. Since 1990 he's engaged in his personal
search concerning the visual arts, meanwhile his short studying-stays in
U.S. His work takes place in the most recent tendency called ³Medialismo².
His first short film, ³The Fable² (2000), is selected to 18th Bellaria Film
Festival, then produced and broadcast by Rai 3. In 2002 he makes his first
medium film, ³Astrolìte² (co-direction C.M. Schirinzi) starring film critic
enrico ghezzi (20th Torino Film Festival). Some universities such as Brera,
Genova and Salerno University have showed his short films with didactic
purposes. According to the artist's method, virtual pictures placed next to
each other via morphing, are often intended to mix arts up, showing
interconnections between aesthetics and real life.

next release: Ether

Project Ether originates from the collaboration of two characters, Andrea
Bracali a.k.a. Cou and Andrea Masi a.k.a. K.Uze.
Ether can be described as the result of a long research on contamination
aimed to break down every barrier of kind or musical sector: it is thus
formed a complete and complex structured mixture aimed to satisfy the
Ether's knowledge of music, gained through the instrumental experience and
by playing live in a number of Florentine musical projects, binds the art of
programming and sampling in order to become "Tree of Porphyry", their first
In January 2002 they won a competition inside Arezzo Wave Festival, followed
by several live performances all around Italy and contributions to radio
programs. They also have been included on the "Magic Bus" compilation with
the track "Nenuphar", to represent electronic music.
Their live sets often feature live visual experiments from excellent italian
VJs such as Softly.Kicking from Turin.
Along with Softly.Kicking and Submultimedia VJs from Rome they created their
first video clip for the track "Don't Taste My Cappuccino" (an extract from
the "Tree of Porphyry" album), which was already featured on the
"Electrowave_02" compilation released by Ondanomala Records label. The video
has also been shown on the VIVA music TV channel.
During 2002 they took part to the "Docks De Sud" Festival in Marseille as
representatives of italian electronic music.
Ether's second video clip, "Robot Zero", was made by R.A.M. from Bologna.
This team had already won the "Jury's Special Award" at the 4th edition of
"Premio Videoclip Indipendente" during the "Meeting of Independent Labels".
"Robot Zero" was chosen by Fandango Productions for the "Videoclipped the
Radio Star" competition.
In 2003 they released a soundtrack for the documentary "Nunca Mais"
dedicated to the Galicia disaster made by the Prestige oil tanker. "Atelier
Distribuzioni" produced it.
This documentary took part to many events such as "Moltitudini e Solitudini"
at the Modern Art Museum of Bolzano and has received the "Special Mention
Award" by the jury of Cineambiente Festival 2003 in Turin.
In July Ether returned to play live together again along with Softly.Kicking
visuals at Arezzo Wave 2003 during the Elettrowave_Labs event.
Their new track "Synt Ethic" was released on the "Elettrowave 2003"
compilation as a preview of their new upcoming album under Ondanomala
December saw the release of their remix of "In My Soul Kingdom" by Casino
Royale on Royality Records.
During 2003, the two DJs felt the need to expand their music research
towards new experiments. Something different to Ether¹s minimal atmosphere,
so they gave birth to a new project named Tin-Tole-Lata.
Under the Tin-Tole-Lata moniker, Cou & K.Uze create a new and more ironic
sound with a vintage, electro and more dance oriented flavour.
Tin-Tole-Lata self produced a demo that has received excellent reviews and
comments and raised the interest of the well-known english record label AI
Records, that included their "Hue Song" on the "Station" compilation.
During this period a young talented DJ / producer from Florence named Biga
join Ether/Tin-Tole-Lata giving a new fresher sound and creativity to the
Their first EP, entitled "Quasi Quasar" was released in late 2004 on
Persistence Bit Records.

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