[microsound-announce] Goldsmiths College Electronic Music Studios Concert

Thanos Chrysakis azimuths at freenet.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 11:17:00 EST 2005

Goldsmiths College Electronic Music Studios
Christmas Concert

Wednesday 14th December 2005
7.30 - 9.15pm
in the Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London

Admission free
All welcome


John Lely - Comet Hyakutake And A Tree

Violeta Llano - Innocent's Day

Rob Ainsley - Drie tijdschilderijen, pts 1+3

Tim Bowman - Jabberwocky (audio/text/DVD)

Chris Halliwell - Gldn Slnt Sctn  (for performer and live electronics)

John Lely - Lensing Through Baade's Window
Sarah Owen - Voice Of (for 8 speaker diffusion)

Thanos Chrysakis  - Nekyomanteion

Mariano Nunez-West - When Time Stops

Ayako Tabo - Christmas Carol

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