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«Closer, and farther...there is a constant spatial fluctuation on Thanos
Chrysakis' Errant Waves: a 7-track release built by abstract
crystalline/metallic sounding events, happening on different places around
you, some of them near, some of them far, and is this distance shifting and
amazing space usage, what makes this album particularly fascinating and
Thanos Chrysakis is a London living musician of Greek origin, who also
writes poetry and does experimental moving image making. His work is well
known and has released several pieces through different labels. Now test
tube has the honor and delight to release ‘Errant Waves’, one of the most
fascinating and best structured pieces that this writer has heard in a big
Inscape 10 (track number 1) is a sudden window to ‘Errant Waves’; quickly
you are immersed on a strange universe of tiny glitchy sounds and spacey
atmospheres. When you already feel familiar and settled with what's going
on, distances begin to change and the sounds' source move away, just to come
right to your face and then move back again. This song lets you go and grabs
you back constantly.
Inscape 11 is a beautiful short piece, with accentuated bass frequencies and
beautiful chimey sounds.
Inscape 12 starts slowly, like a dialogue with an alien that is figuring out
what to say as he speaks. Suddenly the track takes an upfront louder mood
just to fade away and bring some piano notes superbly mixed with sine waves
and hi-pitched micro bells-like sounds. Beautiful.
Inscape 13 starts in an amazing way, with a lot of sounds emerging from
everywhere while an expanding/compressing sine wave floats in your head. The
track reaches a peak when you have all those tiny sounds sparkling right
near to your ears just to fade away leaving the background sine alone just
to welcome new beautiful elements and textures that fade and so. Beautiful
Inscape 14 is a short piece with some incidental melodies and beautiful
sounds moving around.
Inscape 15 starts very sudden; this might be the most emotional piece of the
record: there is a sweet melodic low frequency background sound, serving as
a soul behind all those glitchy and crystalline sounds. A beautiful
emotional journey though abstractness.
Inscape 16 starts very slowly, creating tension and expectation, as new
elements appear easing the tension, and driving the song into a fascinating
path of shy crispness and crystal soundscapes. As the song evolves, a
melodic pattern appears, and gives the song a more narrative meaning. Song
ends up superbly with some few elements fading away very slowly.
This is a very special album, one to be listened as a whole with no pauses,
and that is easy since the structures and progressions are so dynamic and
emotionally grabbing.» - David Velez

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