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Michael Bar-Sinai mich.barsinai at icloud.com
Wed Jul 15 04:46:03 EDT 2015

Hello world! (\n)
Civil Engineering has been around since before Stonehenge. Mechanical engineering has been around since when they've invented the wheel (if not before). Software engineering goes all the way back to 1950*. All this to say that it's okay for us software engineers to still be asking what is it that we are doing and what is the proper way of doing it. At this point, software engineering is more of a craft than a classic engineering discipline.

We (Phil and me) intend this list to be a place for discussion about the craft of code and the process of building software. This may not be the best place to discuss "a cool trick in Javascript", but it is the place to discuss "a cool trick in Javascript that allows for new ways of building ${whatever}".

We are in the trenches of software engineering, looking up, asking ourselves "why?", "what?", "how?", and, most importantly," are we having fun yet?".

-- Michael

*The actual term coined by Margaret Hamilton in 1968 for the first "software engineering" conference, sponsored by NATO.

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