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Trond Lossius trond.lossius at bek.no
Thu May 27 07:52:32 EDT 2010

> who can tell me something about the first max-mailing-list (1993-?) which was initiated by christopher murtagh?

It was run on a McGill server, and administered by Chris Murtagh. Following controversies related to antiorp/Netochka Nezvanova he/she/it was voted out of the list ca. 1999. Later on Cycling'74 set up a new list replacing the first one as an attempt at a compromise. On the C74 list subscribers could choose to ignore and not receive posts from select subscribers. Following threats from NN towards C74 for copyright infringements in Jitter versus Nato+0.55 NN was again banned from the list in 2001. BEK then opened the 55 mailing list as an alternative channel, that would remain uncensored. This became a productive scene for discussions in particular related to NN, Nato.0+55 and real time video processing for a period until Jitter, in particular with the switch from OS9 to OSX, evolved as the preferred solution for video processing in the Max community.

The 55 list remains live, but have been void of traffic for several years now. Archives can be found at:


When C74 turned from integrated forum and mailing list to a forum only solution, BEK was again asked from various holds to set up an alternative Max mailing list. This mailing list is fairly low traffic, but I find it high quality in terms of replies to questions, often from long-term and seasoned Max users (aka the dinosaurs):


If you want to get in touch with Chris directly, you might get hold of him here:


I don't know if the archive of the list is still available anywhere, but I have local copies of the mails from my signing up sometime in 1998 until the end of it.

Salon.com did a quite thorough feature on NN in 2002:



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