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David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 13:59:15 EST 2021

Audiobulb is incredibly proud to announce the release of Object Models by Neuro... No Neuro

https://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB106/AB106.htm <https://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB106/AB106.htm> 
The new album ‘Object Models’ has taken a broad, yet calculated approach to both the sound and composition of its elements. Never fully silent, there is now just as much focus on the quiet parts as the loud.
While a few of these pieces are about prior and current neurological experiences, the overall focus of ‘Object Models’ is pinpointed on personality changes due to neurological damage. Socially, having to appear the same while old versions of the original are worn-out photocopies; a card-catalogue. The dusty Rolodex®. Which 'face' to choose in which social situation, and the occasional errors; a misplaced index card.
Neuro... No Neuro (NNN) is a moniker of the electronic musician Kirk Markarian, an abstract music producer/synthesist residing in the arid desert of Tucson, Arizona. Due to the lack of rain during 2020, he hasn’t done much yard work.

Bandcamp here > https://ab-nnn.bandcamp.com/album/object-models <https://ab-nnn.bandcamp.com/album/object-models> 

Best wishes

David Newman

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