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Thank you. 
Tbh I didn’t realise how much work/time this project would take. So your feedback is very much appreciated. 

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i like these!

great work / concept / idea :)


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Hello Sounders  Chapter 11. now available.I'm officially over halfway now, so stick with me folks.Only 8 weeks till the final chapter drops... .Each track is built from one tapeloop.Using pandemic parameters.The tape loops take the 'social distancing' measurement, so they are 2 meters long, and the duration of the piece is determined by the number in the virus's name = nineteenminutes.The source material is a found reel to reel recording of classical music. (you can hear the loop slowly degrade in this one) artist unknown.Free to stream or download.Thanks for listening. Isolation Reel 11, by ascsoms 
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Isolation Reel 11, by ascsoms

1 track album



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