[microsound-announce] my own take on the 303 / acid sound : Bleupulp - 19x0

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Sun Aug 2 14:29:41 EDT 2020


[pertin 053] Bleupulp - 19x0 (dans la peau)
by Bleupulp 

1. Bleupulp - The two that was one with the cromputers 04:37 
2. I miss Cassie my dog Cassie 06:14 
3. Emmanuel Buchanan 05:56 
4. Look I can see 04:36 
5. Always at home or nowhere 05:55 
6. Outra-Outro 02:18 

stream & download

...''i did not have any special concept for this album thought i made it
using very little choice of vst/vsti, 
most of them from early / mid 2000. the ''acid lines were composed with
the glitches on track are normal (no problemes with your listening
devices).. please listen with headphones in order to hear the fields
recordings better''... 

tags: 303 electronic experimental tech house abstract acid ambient
ambient techno deep dubtechno electronica house microhouse minimal

i can send a promo copy to those who ask nicely 
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