[microsound-announce] AMBIENT - v4.1 Update

David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 05:13:45 EDT 2019

Descriptor: Unique standalone audio processing software capable of producing radically transformed audio, sound sculpting and design. Paint with sound ...

http://www.audiobulb.com/Ambient.htm <http://www.audiobulb.com/Ambient.htm>

Platform: Mac Osx & PC Windows

AMBIENT – v4 is a unique ambient soundscape generator capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful. The module has already featured on numerous professional recordings demonstrating its versatility in bring inspiration to the creative process. AMBIENT processes any WAV or AIFF sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are endless.

Once the artist has achieved the sculpted sound they desire they simply press record to output the new sound WAV – with the option of live recording any tweaks of changes they choose to make. Often the output WAV will be then imported into a DAW of the artists choice.

AMBIENT 4.1 - next version enhancements

Thank you for your support of the new software update. The response has been incredible! We've been listening to your feedback and have a version 4.1 for you.

http://www.audiobulb.com/Ambient.htm <http://www.audiobulb.com/Ambient.htm> 

Enhancements in 4.1 include improved GUI:

▪	Hover over dials causes dial name to appear and also value to show
▪	File name shows in bottom left when file is selected
▪	Dial colour changes to black and white when mapped to a midi controller, goes back to normal when mapping is removed.
We hope you enjoy!

Best wishes

David Newman

www.truthtable.co.uk <http://www.truthtable.co.uk/> | analogue electronic music

www.audiobulb.com <http://www.audiobulb.com/> | exploratory music

www.audiomoves.com <http://www.audiomoves.com/> | ambient music sync specialist

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