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Songs/Signs" is the third album by Flos and sums eight years' sound interactions between Luca Formentini and Stefano Castagna. Together they have been working in concerts, site-specific live improvisations, literary readings, art galleries and exhibitions like La Biennale di Venezia, although having each a separate and distinct musical activity. The tracks are mainly based on the sounds produced by "Tavole di Flos", DIY soundboards assembling strings, ropes, microphones and assorted objects that can generate any sound that can be further treated electronically.


"Songs" contains tracks structured in the form of songs, taming the board sounds to a more traditional musical language with the help of harmonic instruments. Their dialogue creates and explores a single, original musical flow with new balances and different sounds, with outstanding guests like Laurie Amat, Markus Stockhausen e Steve Piccolo.

The "Signs" album peculiarity is that it contains only live improvisations, rearranged and mixed so as to create an uninterrupted 44-minute narrative suite in 15 movements. The philosophy of improvisation is essential to Flos as it makes the performance an actuality where musicians have to tune in to each other in an unpredictable interplay built around why, step by
step, organizes itself or unwinds randomly. Thus, there grows the "flos", the "flower" of music or best perceptible part of musical interaction.

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Ritmo&Blu studio (Brescia, Italy) by Stefano Castagna.
Produced by Stefano Castagna and Luca Formentini for Ritmo&Blu Records.
Painting by Lorenzo Castagna.
Cat: AB089

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