[microsound-announce] Monologue by Tomotsugu Nakamura - pre-release & soundcloud

David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Sun Apr 7 04:50:00 EDT 2019

https://soundcloud.com/audiobulb/tomotsugu-nakamura-monologue <https://soundcloud.com/audiobulb/tomotsugu-nakamura-monologue> - monologue is the title track from Tomotsugu Nakamura upcoming album on Audiobulb.

Pre-release of digital = https://ab-tomotsugunakamura.bandcamp.com/album/monologue <https://ab-tomotsugunakamura.bandcamp.com/album/monologue>

Pre-release of vinyl = https://tomotsugu.bandcamp.com/album/monologue <https://tomotsugu.bandcamp.com/album/monologue>

Michael Cottone aka The Green Kingdom - "Monologue by Tomotsugu Nakamura is a graceful and meditative listening experience. Acoustic instruments are subtly processed and layered to great effect, along with the occasional field recording or glitchy element. Never overshadowed, however, is the melodic beauty of the gently cascading notes and the patient use of space between them."

Best wishes

David Newman

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