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eContact! 18.2 -- TIES 2015
9th Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium /
9e Symposium électroacoustique international de Toronto

[EN] The ninth edition of the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (TIES) was held in August 2015, with Nicolas Collins as Keynote Speaker. Participants from across Canada and around the world presented their work on topics such as algorithmic creation, pedagogy, cross-media, musicking and more, complemented by installations and performances. (April 2016)

[FR] La neuvième édition du Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium était présentée en août 2015 et accueillait Nicolas Collins à titre de conférencier. Des participants venus de partout au Canada et du monde entier y ont présenté leurs travaux sur des thèmes aussi variés que la création algorithmique, la pédagogie, le multimédia, la participation à une activité musicale (musicking), le tout accompagné d'installations et de performances. (avril 2016)


Editorial by jef chippewa


Cross-Media Transcription as Composition
by James O'Callaghan

A Dialogue Between the Seen and the Heard: The use of sound as a sculptural material and sculpture as a sound instrument in "Cuboid"
by Ben Nigel Potts

"Costumes for Cyborgs_sound": New body experience in sound and movement
by Izzie Colpitts-Campbell

"Gliding Slowly Back to the Body of Origin": The interrelationship between body, voice, listening and the environment
by Wendalyn Bartley


"Mirlitones", a Fragile and Complex Sonorous System
by Peter Bosch and Simone Simons

Audiovisual Coherence and Physical Presence: I am there, therefore I am [?]
by Louise Harris

"Mockingbird": Abstracted confessions through political music
by Brian Garbet


Moving Beyond the Weird, Creepy and Indescribable: Pedagogical principles and practices for listening to electroacoustic music in the general education classroom
by Alexa Woloshyn

Intermedial Cognition: Towards a method for analyzing electroacoustic intermedia through an interpretation of the topoi in Jaroslaw Kapuscinski's "Oli's Dream"
by Ryan Olivier

Turning the Tables: The audience, the engineer and the virtual string orchestra
by Chris Mercer and Rodolfo Vieira

Musical Behaviours: Algorithmic composition via plug-ins
by Bruno Degazio


Going Back to the Year Zero: Interview with American composer Nicolas Collins
by Michael Palumbo

Remaining Silent... Listening: Interview with Canadian composer Wendalyn Bartley
by Michael Palumbo

More Instinct Than Science: Interview with Dutch installation artist Peter Bosch
by Michael Palumbo

Nocturnal Worlds: Interview with Canadian composer Stephanie Moore
by Michael Palumbo

Humanizing Inhumane Spaces: Interview with Canadian composer Matt Rogalsky
by Michael Palumbo

Willfulness vs. Creative Intuition: Interview with acousmatic composer Elizabeth Anderson
by Nicolas Marty


[BOOK] Conversations With Post-World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music (Norma Beecroft)
by James O'Callaghan


TIES 2015 Photo Album

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