[microsound-announce] SIGNUM_The invisible revealed: Workshop on presence, perception and noise: Vancouver and Viena

Victor Mazon Gardoqui animazonvisual at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 11:38:17 EDT 2016

Hi Microsound List,
the new series of workshop about presence, perception and noise through the use of the SIGNUM device will be held at:
Destroy Vancouver Festival (Sat 30.04 -Sun 01.05)
Coded Cultures: OPENISM Viena (20-29.05)

SIGNUM: The Invisible Revealed. A two-day workshop on presence, perception and noise - SATURDAY April 30 12-7pm + SUNDAY May 1 12-7pm (14 hours)
Listen to electromagnetic waves caused by modern devices and natural forces. Hear the patterns of ultraviolet and infrared light; the vibrations of ferric objects; the friction caused by insects and underwater sounds. Listen to the noise of tectonic movements, or of lighting phenomena thousands of kilometers distant. Participants in the workshop will build and take home their own device, which is designed to record and listen to sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum: those invisible frequencies, electromagnetic fields and signals that constantly surround us but that we are usually unable to hear.

The workshop will be lead by Victor Mazon Gardoqui, who’s the author of the workshop’s concept, electronic design and documentation. The device includes a transducer, opticals, coils, germanium diodes and a small loop antenna, which coheres sonically and allows users to listen to surrounding signals that would fall out of the human hearing range. The workshop will also introduce participants to using the electromagnetic spectrum within artistic practices.

No previous experience in electronics is necessary, but interest and patience mandatory.

Through different collective and personal experiments and audio recordings, participants will experience the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding us using the SIGNUM. The SIGNUM device operates as a translator that captures radio waves, FM/AM, ultrasound, translocal network connection, personal broadcast space, VLF, VHF, UHF, inaudible electromagnetic fields, the photoelectric effect, and others. The SIGNUM transforms all these "absent" frequencies into sound, light, video or a variable voltage able to be read with a microcontroller like an Arduino, Pic or a raspberry pi.

Workshop participants will build new sensors and adapt the device to their personal needs.They will connect the system to the computer to analyze the received data, sonify its output, document some natural phenomena in the surroundings of VIVO Media Arts Centre or make a cluster with different devices to get a dramatic exponential amplification. Participants will be credited as contributing artists to the project and will get a signed certificate. During the workshop all built modules will be tested and adjusted for proper operation. The workshop will end with a collective installation/performance. More detailed info about the workshop at victormazon.com/signum.

No specific electronic or sound experience needed. Patience is mandatory.

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