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Biggi Vinkeloe Roughtet US Tour Spring 2015 (clockwise from upper left: Don Robinson, Biggi Vinkeloe, Joe Lasqo, Lisle Ellis, Scott Walton, Warren Stringer, Megan McKearney)Dear µsounders -  
This is to let you know about some electro-acoustic shows starting from tomorrow, Mon 04 May, if you'll be in the SF Bay Area on the dates.
Lovers of electronic and computer music will find the shows featuring John Bischoff, Gino Robair, and Heartworm — & the algorithmic visual synthesis of Warren Stringer — especially interesting.
① MSP/Piano/Synth/+: w German/Swedish saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe's Spring 2015 US Tour (4 dates)
The Biggi Vinkeloe Roughtet: Biggi Vinkeloe (sax | flute), Donald Robinson (drums), Joe Lasqo (MSP/laptop | piano | synth | objects), Lisle Ellis & Scott Walton (basses), Warren Stringer & Megan McKearney (video)
◉ Tomorrow, Mon 04 May, Set 1: Makeout Room, SF (feat. Lisle Ellis on bass, video by Warren Stringer)+ Set 2: Love, Devotion Surrender (Karl Evangelista, Ross Hammond, Eli Wallace, & Bob LaDue)+ Set 3: Crickets (Ila Cantor, Kasey Knudsen, John Wiitala, & Hamir Atwal / हम्मीर अटवाल)
◉ Thu 14 May, Set 3: The Emerald Tablet, SF (feat. Lisle Ellis on bass, video by Warren Stringer)+ Set 1: The Godfather of instrument inventors, Bart Hopkin (solo)+ Set 2: Master vibraphonist Mark Clifford (solo)
◉ Wed 20 May, Set 4: The Second Act, SF (feat. Scott Walton on bass, video by Megan McKearney)+ Set 1: Electronic mind-distorter, Heartworm+ Set 2: Unpopular Electronics by Gino Robair+ Set 3: Pioneer of networked computer music, John Bischoff
◉ Sun 24 Apr (afternoon, Set 2): The Nunnery, SF (feat. Scott Walton on bass)+ Set 1: Unfolding modernist string structures by Adam Fong and Brent Miller
☞  Write-ups, showtime details, venue maps, video, and images: here  ☜
+ Examiner.com preview of SF shows: here
Thanks to the generosity of videographer and wonderful person Charles Smith, here's some lovely video captured from our show with Biggi's tour last year at The Emerald Tablet: link
② MSP/Synth/+: in 2nd International Puppy Surprise Improv Vortex: Thu 07 May, The Luggage Store, SF(new location)
◉ A well-balanced electro/acoustic improv vortex takes forward the grand tradition of chance-generated small ensembles, pioneered in New Zealand by the Vitamin S collective, and in the U.K. by figures such as Derek Bailey in his Company nights — a format designed to be maximally impervious to advance preparation…
Sounds and players will remain cloaked until just before dropping out of warp. Anything could happen.
Projected line-up, to be loaded dynamically into ensembles: 
— Matt Davignon  ( electronics  |  ringleader | MC )
— Sheila Bosco  ( drums | percussion | electronics | keyboards | vocals | projection | or…)— Ferrara Brain Pan  ( sax )— Philip Everett  ( autoharp | electronics )— Joe Lasqo  ( MSP/laptop  |  synth  |  objects )— Joshua Marshall  ( winds  |  saxes )— Collette McCaslin  ( trumpet )— David Michalak  ( skatchbox | lap-steel guitar )— Mark Pino  ( drums | percussion )— Eli Wallace  ( keyboards )
Disclaimer: Outsound Presents' use of Puppy Surprise registered trademark does not suggest a relationship with Just Play Products, or make any sort of implication about the opinions of Just Play Products (or puppies, for that matter) about the validity and appeal of strange improvised music.
☞  Improv Vortex write-up, showtime details, venue map, and images: here  ☜
Some great music in May — come vibrate with us!
Joe Lasqo
joe at joelasqo.com
http://www.joelasqo.com/Show calendar & news: http://www.joelasqo.com/blog/
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