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Tomoroh Hidari hidari at gmx.net
Fri Feb 28 16:11:10 EST 2014

his Namelessness Is Legion - "raw mood" live


a commissioned live performance for the sound.art event at Tin 
Tabernacle in Kilburn, London. (blog.ivorybunker.com/2014/02/1146 

raw mood:
equipped with a variety of self-built & circuit bent soundgenerators, 
tiny synthesizers and a variety of effects, a special soundscape, 
tailored to the location, will be forced into being at the Tin 
Tabernacle hnil.ivorybunker.com <http://hnil.ivorybunker.com/>

recorded to 4 tracks on Zoom H4n (Line in & Room Mics).
post production by Tomoroh Hidari at the Ivory Bunker, London.
cover photo by Lara Pearl.


released 28 February 2014
Tomoroh Hidari as Nemo von Nirgends. 2014

Tomoroh Hidari/Oliver Stummer

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