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Slowly as always and with many small steps on little insects feet, the
1000füssler walks through his 10th year of being!
So, let¹s start his birthday year with three new 3²CDR releases, all with
printed cardboard sleeves:

- AMPTEXT - Seeds Of Erasure
more info: http://www.1000fussler.com/seiten/releases.html

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/1000fussler

Best wishes, 
1000füssler / Gregory

more infos:

Seeds Of Erasure
3³CDR, (19'58''), 60 copies, cardboard sleeve
1000füssler 023, released in February 2014
7,00 EUR (include shipping)

excerpt: https://soundcloud.com/1000fussler/amptext-seeds-of-erasure

Gary Rouzer, objects, tapes, field recordings, cello

ŒMy musical collages often contain the sounds of domestic and city life. I
have used traffic, washing dishes, transformer hum, zippers, a can opener,
couch springs, cicadas, keyboard typing, a coffee machine, rain, distant
conversation, and furnace noises to name a few. My amplified objects are
everyday items, such as egg slicers, combs, paint brushes, cardboard, and
wooden boxes with contact mics attached. The only functions I use on the
computer are simple cut and paste editing, never effects or plug-ins.
Ex fan club. About a year ago I started using small cassette players in my
music. It first I was using just the sounds of the motors as amplified by a
contact mic attached to a cassette without tape. Later I started creating
tapes from recordings I had made of amplified objects and field recordings
to use in my live performances.  (Gary Rouzer, 2014)

Gary Rouzer(amplified objects, cello) was born in Washington DC and works in
the area between free improvisation and composition. He used to masquerade
as a bass player but now his Cageian preparations have taken on a life of
their own. His focus is on electro-acoustic sounds and the relation between
musician and listener within the performance space while exploring noise,
silence, texture, and abstract narrative. He is an active member of the DC
experiment music scene and has performed at Sonic Circuits, Electric
Possible, Fringe Festival, and Artomatic in addition performances in
Baltimore, NYC, Hamburg, and Berlin.

3³CDR, (22¹14¹¹ ), 60 copies, printed cardboard cover
1000füssler 022, released in February 2014
7,00 EUR (include shipping)

The material for this work comprises of field recordings made in Ardore,
South Italy, August 2012. These recordings were then improvised with using a
Revox B77 tape recorder and edited, over the afternoons of September 15th
and 16th 2013.

excerpt: https://soundcloud.com/1000fussler/luciano-maggiore-onagro-5

Luciano Maggiore (Palermo 1980) lives and works in Bologna. Active musician
in the field of electroacoustic music, in recent years he has developed a
strong interest in the mechanisms of sound diffusion, using speakers and
several analogue and digital devices (walkmans, CD players, tape recorders)
as principal instruments. His interest is focused on the architectural and
psychoacoustic as well as dynamic and directional values of sound with a
strong emphasis on fixed sounds.
He regularly plays in duo with Francesco Brasini and Enrico Malatesta.
He has collaborated with Adam Asnan, Angstarbeiter, Auriga, Riccardo
Baruzzi, Tim Blechmann, Mario De Vega, John Duncan,  Attila Faravelli, Tomaz
Grom, Andrew L. Hooker, Seiji Morimoto, Seijiro Murayama, Phonorama, Nicola
Ratti, Jin Sangtae, Matija Schellander, Teatro Valdoca, Xing, Zapruder
Filmmakergroup, Zimmerfrei.
His works are published by Boring Machines, Senufo editions, Balloon &
Needle, 1000füssler and Tulip records.

3³CDR, (18Œ36¹¹ ), 60 copies, cardboard sleeve
1000füssler 021, released in February 2014
7,00 EUR (include shipping)

Gunnar Lettow, e-bass, electronics, objects, field recordings
Gregory Büttner, loudspeaker, a low sinus wave, fan, objects

Gunnar Lettow plays his electric bass using an assortment of different
preparations such as spears, clips, brushes along with the use of effects
units and field recordings. Gregory Büttner plays a loudspeaker cone fed
with a non-audible very low frequency sine wave and places different
resonating objects on the vibrating speaker membrane. In addition he plays
several objects from in everyday life on a computer fan, which he uses as a
rotating surface.
After many concerts as a duo and in combination with other musicians, this
is the first release of the duo Gunnar Lettow / Gregory Büttner. The two
pieces were recorded on the 4th of June 2013 in Hamburg. While ŒOcherŒ is a
edit of a longer piece, the first one ŒGreyishŒ is untouched.

excerpt: https://soundcloud.com/1000fussler/gunnar-lettow-gregory-b-ttner

Gunnar Lettow began his musical career as a rock musician in Kiel and was a
member of the avantgarde rock band Nice Noise. He extends the sound of the
electric bass by different preparations such as spears, clips, brushes and
the use of effects units. The strongly noise orientated music moves between
tiny microtonal sounds and eruptive moments. He played with Leonel Kaplan,
Umut Caglar, Chris Heenan, Michael Vorfeld, Alexander Frangenheim, Jürg
Bariletti, Herman Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Nicolas Wiese, Heddy
Boubaker, Thomas Österheld and other. He runs a monthly concert series
Frequenzgänge in Hamburg.
Current projects: phase~in, an electronic Duo with Sylvia Necker
(Raumstation) / Duo Rouzer & Lettow - collaboration with Gary Rouzer / Duo
with Korhan Erel (Laptop) / Collaboration with Robert Klammer

Gregory Büttner and works as a musician and artist in Hamburg. Since 2000
his main focus is on sound art and electroacoustic compositions. He
performed at several festivals and concert series in Europe and Asia,
composed music for dance and performance, radio, video and sound
installations. In 2004 he launched his label 1000füssler which releases
experimental music in small editions.
He plays regularly in a duo with Birgit Ulher and ŒStark Bewölkt Quartett
Πwith Michael Maierhof, Heiner Metzger, Birgit Ulher. He also collaborated
with musicians Rhodri Davies, Ofer Bymel, Guy Saldanha, Stefan Funck, the
artist Anja Winterhalter, Stefanie Becker, Magdalena Sadziak, among others.
His music released by labels like 1000füssler, Firework Edition Records,
Anthropometrics / Aufabwegen, Obs*, Knistern, Grünrekorder, Compost and


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