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Joe Lasqo joe at joelasqo.com
Sun Aug 17 21:56:44 EDT 2014

(clockwise) Bruce Ackley, Joe Lasqo, Don Robinson, Lisle Ellis
Dear µsounders - 

This is to let you know about some great shows starting from next Sun, 24 Aug.

Of special interest to lovers of computer and electronic music will be the incomparable duo of Wobby + Thomas Dimuzio, and a rare appearance by music/software phenomenon, Tom Duff, taking Alvin Lucier's electro-mechanico-sonico Long Thin Wire to the next level with his Wire Machine.

If you'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may find these shows of interest.


[1] MSP/Piano/+: Space BBQ w visiting stray comet Lisle Ellis — cooking up a large-scale improv structure by master chef Bruce Ackley(2 dates, Set 2 on both)


— Line-up: Bruce Ackley: saxes — Lisle Ellis: bass — Joe Lasqo: MSP/piano/objects — Donald Robinson: drums

◉ next Sun 24 Aug: Berkeley Arts Festival
— + Set 1: Thomas Dimuzio and Wobbly — Starship Gench takes electronic shore leave on Planet Plunderphonia

◉ Mon 25 Aug: ArtInternationale!, North Beach, San Francisco
— + Set 1: Opera Wolf (Joshua Marshall, Crystal Pascucci, Robert López) — the trio Examiner.com's Steven Smoliar called “a journey of auditory discovery, the best possible follow-up to the ways in which Stravinsky shocked the world 100 years ago”

☞  Write-up, venue time/place details, video, and images: here  ☜


[2] Lasqosonics series:   Bob Marsh & Evangel King  |  Henry Kuntz & Envision Ensemble (w B. Godchaux, J. Kuntz, E. Lindgren, D. Plonsey)   |  Tom Duff & his Wire Machine, Wed 27 Aug, Berkeley Arts Festival

Henry Kuntz in leopard transformation mask

I'm honored to curate several shows in Aug at the East Bay’s indispensable focal point for new music, Berkeley Arts Festival; this is #3, onWed 27 Aug.

— Set Ø: Bob Marsh & Evangel King perform window/door/river (a unique site-specific sound+motion piece for cello & dancer, based on Bob's graphic score)

— Set 1: Henry Kuntz & Envision Ensemble.A rare appearance by a daring pioneer of joyously unbounded, infinitely free new world jazz & his new Envision Ensemble, featuring the mathematically impossible Dan Plonsey + past OPEYE members Brian Godchauax, John Kuntz, and Esten Lindgren, who together "move toward an advanced improvisational archetype, one in which multiple independent events may occur while the musicians simultaneously create an experiential musical whole.”

— Set 2: Tom Duff & his Wire Machine take Alvin Lucier’s seminal electro-mechanical composition/installation Music on a Long Thin Wire and run with it, performing Tom's piece, Lucier, Golomb, Gray. Your chakras will be thoroughly cleansed (losslessly, and without spurious outputs).

☞  Write-up, venue time/place details, videos, and images: here  ☜


Hope to see you at these great shows!

Joe Lasqo

joe at joelasqo.com

Show calendar & news: http://www.joelasqo.com/blog/
Weekly: Viracocha, 21st & Valencia, SF, 3-6pm, Wednesdays
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