[microsound-announce] Russ Young - Common Pond

David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 02:23:34 EDT 2014

Russ Young is an exciting young UK artist whose work has attracted the attention of BBC radio and fans of immersive micro-environmental music.


Here is what BLEEP has to say about this incredible release:

"UK producer Russ Young delivers a debut of electroacoustic composition on the ever experimental Audiobulb Records. Mutating and blending field recordings, the sound artist creates intangible sonic structures rich in associations. ‘John’s Bike’ captures the sound of Young’s neighbours getting ready for work, with Russ electronically modifying the recording into a drone-like texture reminiscent of Oval’s glitch work from the early 90s. For the title track, Young imagined different listening points on a pond and transformed this concept into an expressive soundscape: frogs croak, insects buzz in and out, and the piano holds together the water-like ambient structure." - BLEEP


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