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Pierre Judon aposiopese at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 6 15:46:40 EST 2013

Composed, recorded and mixed by Hervé Moire.

Computer, electronics. 

© Hervé Moire. All rights reserved. 2012.

A track done for VARIOUS ARTIST Tsuku Boshi's Sound is not perfect. #3, can be heard via bandcamp : 
Free Download : http://apoooooooooosioooooooooopese.bandcamp.com/album/plikt
Tracklisting Volume 3 w/ Mathias Delplanque, Hogo, Hervé Moire, Martial Bécheau, akm, Yamori Kota — Sound is not perfect #3

You can download the entire compilation here / Free Download :   tsukuboshi.wordpress.com/sound-is-not-perfect

Still available : Hervé Moire — Mirage de Loire. aposiopèse 08. Cd-r. / http://apoooooooooosioooooooooopese.bandcamp.com/album/mirage-de-loire

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