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murmerings 2013.02 ::: räpina, estonia

::: murmerings is an occasional update on the comings and goings of 
sound, radio and performance artist patrick mcginley, aka murmer ::: to 
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this newsletter has fallen mostly out of use, as you may or may not have 
noticed, but every now and then i have something i feel you might want 
to know about. i have begun the process of moving the list over to 
mailchimp, where it will feature pretty colors and automatic 
subscription possibilities, but in the meantime here is one last old 
school plain text email. only one real new piece of news to tell you 
about, and a bit of catching up...


::: free mp3 release, ačgārnā aizcirtne :::

latvia’s molmika recordings has just made available a new 2 hour mp3 
release, available for free download. ačgārnā aizcirtne was a private 
live session recorded in riga in 2010. very little editing has been 
done. enjoy, and please share!

live session at molmika base, riga, february 9th 2010
d.i.y. string instruments, motors, tapes, reed organ, wind instruments, 
found objects, frequency generator, jew’s harp, prepared accordion, 
field recordings, voice.



::: catch up :::

and what else? the last edition of murmerings was in april, 2012, almost 
a year ago. needless to say, many things have happened since then. first 
of all, after several years of relative quiet, 2012 saw quite a few new 
murmer releases - moving backwards: a 2cd release on malaysia's herbal 
international, entitled 'framework 1-4'; a 2nd cd on san francisco's 
helen scarsdale agency, entitled 'what are the roots that clutch'; a 
collaborative work with yannick dauby and john grzinich on the invisible 
birds label, entitled 'lind, raud, aastaajad'; and a 3" cdr on france's 
taâlem, a reworking of 2000's 'liquid solid', entitled 'specular 
reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010).' details on all of these 
releases, including a few sound samples and ordering possibilities, are 
available here:


you'll also notice that i've begun the task of making several old out of 
print albums available again as free flac downloads, beginning with my 
2002 self-titled debut on bake records from the netherlands. stream or 
download it here:


meanwhile, framework radio's framework:seasonal release series has 
continued. when i last wrote issue #2 had just appeared; now issue #3, a 
2.5 hour, high resolution audio-dvd by the great chris watson, is 
available, and issue #4, spring 2013, is in the works. more info here:


2013 is starting quietly at home, but 2012 saw many months on the road, 
including projects in slovenia, norway, taiwan, and the united states. 
this year may take me to palestine, the uk, and probably back to norway, 
the united states, and maybe taiwan. i'll keep you posted. unless of 
course i don't manage to write again for another year...



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