[microsound-announce] [pertin-nce_042] hemiptera - indisposition (free ep)

max tanguay maxbleu at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 19 11:34:02 EDT 2013

here is the latest pertin-nce release...

''...five-track Hemiptera EP created entirely on hardware during our winter in the desolate red rock area of Arizona.''

label: pertin-nce
cat. number: pertin-nce_042
artist: hemiptera
title: indisposition

track listing:
1. analysis
2. consciousness lost
3. exploration
4. indisposition
5. return 

sounds like: 
minimal, experimental, techno, house

stream & free download on:


net label : pertin-nce.ca
me : soundcloud.com/bleupulp
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