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Adern X the.apx at libero.it
Wed Apr 17 14:14:34 EDT 2013

XeVoR has just released "Cinema Show" the new album from Adern X and Tiziano Milani

The source material for this release is a bunch of field recordings made in a cinema as electroacoustic music is influenced by the theory of editing of cinematography. In current society there's the slight but relentless departure from the experience in a dedicated and public environment to a private one where perception is disturbed by the environment. The relation between music and image is quite complex as sound deals with the concept of environment: music can be a part of the meaning or just a furniture, and it could be also a distraction, but the focus of the work of this two italian sound artists is the peculiar quality of music to evoke images. The source recordings were processed and layered to make this album sounds like the soundtrack of an imaginary expressionist movie or as an experimental form of synphonic poem.

This release is available in CD-R and Digital format from <a href ="http://www.xevor.net">XeVoR</a> website or  <a href ="http://xevor.bandcamp.com/album/the-cinema-show">Bandcamp page</a>.

XeVoR website: http://www.xevor.net 
Bandcamp page: http://xevor.bandcamp.com

Adern X

"Boredom is the mother of creativity" (Ron Arad)

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