[microsound-announce] Two Tapes Out .... Early Piano Works and Ranch

rinus van alebeek injapatti at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 05:59:43 EDT 2013

Dear Friend of Magnetized Messages,

I have two tapes out. This didn't happen because of the increasing
popularity of cassette tape as a publishing medium, but because I strictly
use cassettes and cassette players ever since I started to work with sound.

Therefore you find on both tapes sounds I recorded and mixed together in a
narrative sense.

Where-as Early Piano Works marks my approach as it was in the first decade
of the century, Ranch is a result of my latest attitude, which is to adopt
orphanaged tapes and use them in the compositions and performances.
Early Piano Works is released in Paris by HAK lofi Records in an edition of
fifty copies. More information here> http://v.gd/KMNNfR

Ranch is a self release in twenty (different) copies. More information
here> http://rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com

Thanks for reading,

Have a Great Week,


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