[microsound-announce] Institute of viral sonology new release Virology 03 and call for 60 sec sonic material : Tony Stirner Charles Shriner Didier Tallec Giorgio Cipolletta Sue69 Ruben Costa

Hugo Paquete paquetehugo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 09:26:59 EST 2012

> New release from the Institute of viral sonology
> http://modisti.com/12/2012/11/20/hugo-paquete-institute-of-viral-sonology-viral-sonology-03/
>  This album experiment start as a call from the director of the of  
> Institute of viral sonology Hugo Paquete. This call consists in  
> exploring the potentiality of the computer as an automatic machine to  
> generate compositional material and aesthetics content base on  
> stochastic probabilities.
>  60 seconds files
> 6 composers collaborators
> 6 minutes compositions
> 12 tracks
>  Artists:
>  Tony Stirner
> Charles Shriner
> Didier Tallec
> Giorgio Cipolletta
> Sue69
> Ruben Costa
>  Connecting and collecting different sound material from different  
> collaborators and without a previous selection construct a social and  
> artistic possibility to generate aesthetic content base in the power
> of computer algorithmic to compose in a randomatic aesthetic.
> Thanks to all the collaborators
>  Institute of viral sonology
> Hugo Paquete
> http://crcan.blogspot.pt/
>  www.instituteofviralsonology.tk
>  Call:
>  I am collecting 60 seconds of sound material and I need your  
> contribution.
>  The editions that I am developing with the sound material that I am  
> reviving.
> http://modisti.com/netlabel/?p=721
> http://modisti.com/netlabel/?p=709
>  The call:
> http://sonicstudies.org/post/35053178555/call-for-60-sec-sonic-material-by-institute-of-viral
> http://modisti.com/12/2012/11/12/call-for-60-sec-sonic-material-by-institute-of-viral-sonology/
>  I am waiting for your contribution
>  I January I go make a radio program in radio Manobras in Portugal and  
> then I promote the edition if you want collaborate.
>  Send files to:
>  paquetehugo at gmail.com


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