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Tue Nov 20 23:43:57 EST 2012

After a too long hiatus I am back and ready for the Yugen Archives  
autumn/winter campaign.
First reissue is Vox Populi! : La Cathédrale Morte 1980-1985
Vox Populi! was one of the more interesting and eclectic acts to  
emerge from the thriving so-called industrial network of the 80s.  
Based in France, their releases ranged from psychedelic jams to pseudo  
industrial moments, from quirky pop songs to ethno-ambient  
meditations, a real treasure of surprises.
La Cathédrale Morte was released as a very limited cassette in 1985  
and finds them in one of their more abstract moments.
The tape has been remastered by founding member Axel Kyrou specially  
for this reissue and the package includes scans of the original tape &  
extra visual unpublished material from that period, courtesy of Axel.
free download.

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