[microsound-announce] (313) another fresh production by me

max tanguay maxbleu at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 07:44:03 EST 2012

its cool! i like it

net label : pertin-nce.ca
me : soundcloud.com/bleupulp

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Subject: (313) another fresh production by me

since last weeks i am stucked under 100 bpms. i mean i just like it nowadays. it feels like it gives me a bit more creativity.
as i listener i had trip hop and ambient selections long time before listening to deep and techno music. so ithink its just coming out in this example.
enjoy! and  share if you like it. your comments are of course welcomed.


p.s.: the name was going to be "this is your life". due to the problems with soundcloud; which made me try uploading it like 6 times, so i decided to make it that way at the end ;) 
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