[microsound-announce] [vau014] mike north - vol.014 (free net release)

max tanguay maxbleu at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 08:54:56 EDT 2012

just to let you know that the latest various and uneasy release is out, free download!

info : 

label : various and uneasy (pertin-nce)
cat. number : vau014
title : vol.014
artist : mike north

track listing :
1- percussion-piece-pt4-for-nylon-comb
2- panso3
3- percussion-piece-pt4-for-nylon-comb (maxime tanguay rmx)

sounds like : experimental, electronic, weird. glitch 

free download on :

on archive :

have a nice day! 

ps: btw i am down with demos...


net label : pertin-nce.ca
me : soundcloud.com/bleupulp
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