[microsound-announce] Nils Quak – Aether (Nomadic Kids Republic) now available

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Tue Jul 31 01:52:46 EDT 2012

Hi list,
i wanted to let you know, that my recent album Aether has now been
released on
Nomadic Kids Republic.
Aether is the first album I produced entirely on a modular synthesizer
combination with additional processing and fieldrecordings. Although it
is one hell
of a dark record, it also is my most introspective and personal album.
Most of the
tracks are based on improvisations and aleatoric processes inside the
The results are dark, slowing pulsating rooms,  oozing a neon void, a
dark glow like
a promise of empty wet streets at dawn.


The album is available at your favourite record stores and online shops.
You can
also purchase it directly from me for $15 including postage or together
with my
"Long Forgotten Days 
 " album for $ 22.5 including postage. Just drop
me a line.

Take care

Website: www.nilsquak.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nq_music
Blog: www.resonantstrata.com
Bandcamp: http://nqmusic.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/nq_nhlsqaik

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