[microsound-announce] the occasional pertin-nce blog update, free music & dj mixes

max tanguay maxbleu at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 09:12:36 EDT 2012

just to let you know that i updated the pertin-nce blog
new releases, free ep's and dj sets that i recently discovered featuring :

duilio pasquale (ep, house)
offthesky (ep, drone)
Piltdown Sound (ep, techno)
atabey (ep, dub tech)
forest fang (ep, ambient)
lowbard (ep, minimal)
jenn ehm (dj, techouse)
axel helios (dj, electronic)
specdub (dj, dub tech)
Ricardo Gaße (dj, techno) 
calyx & teebee (dj, dnb)
bleupulp (ep, duby)
maxime tanguay  (ep, electronic)

check out 



net label : pertin-nce.ca
me : soundcloud.com/bleupulp
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