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> 20.07.12 || RAM.06
> Join us at RAM-K77 ·  Salon Bruit:
> RAM · Monthly series at K77 Kino co-curated and hosted by Audition
> Records & Salon Bruit.
> http://salonbruit.org/events/ram6-k77 -  http://auditionrecords.com/ram
> .php
> DAFNA NAPHTALI [NY] · Max/MSP programming for sound processing of voice ·

“Dafna Naphtali will play a collection of short pieces from my solo
projects and piece from John Cage — using rhythmic structures and concepts
using Morse Code, polyrhythmic metronomes and voice-activated control of
various kinds of live sound processes.”

*Dafna Naphtali* is a versatile
sound-artist/singer/guitarist/electronic-musician and performer/composer.
Active since the mid-90’s in experimental music, contemporary classical and
improvised music, she uses her custom Max/MSP programming for sound
processing of voice and other instruments.

HANS TAMMEN  [NY]  · Guitar-Controlled Live Sound Processing ·

*Hans Tammen* will perform “I hate Zero Crossings”, a work that exhibits
nonlinear feedback strategies to occasional create chaotic sonic behaviors.
This feedback loop can go on for a while, and the performer occasionally
interferes with the balance of power to give it a new direction, until at
the end, as usual, that balance gets out of control.

Current projects sometimes use sound input from other players to be
processed, but the live sound processing is still controlled by guitar

NZNZ [AR] · Procedural Animation [ screening ] · http://www.nznz.com.ar

Emmanuel Pidré (a.k.a NZNZ) is a self-taught programmer, digital artist,
graphic designer, VJ and Software Art enthusiast. His work is between the
tangible and abstract and investigates the escence of the form, the color
and the transformation. Seeking the beauty of the construction and the
destruction. Using generative algorithms executing in real time and
normally modified by a system of rules.

> RAM ·  A documentary project by  AR
> http://auditionrecords.com/ram.php
> http://salonbruit.org/events/ram6-k77
> Kastanienallee 77. 10435. Prenzlauer Berg
> Doors 22:00 - Concert 22:30
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