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Sat Jul 7 08:10:56 EDT 2012

On the intriguing (devious, unobtrusive and tentacular) three day fringe art Festival des Ephémères, in the Jardins d'Eole (a stretch of public ecological green bordering on the dense pack of railway tracks that lead to and from the Parisian railway station Gare de l'Est), where with E t c … we performed 3 x 2 x 30 minutes of dark, electric urban (un)nature scapes [bowed electric bass, tube radio's, Korg MS20, voice] > http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00782.php
Includes "eTcology", a five track (name your price) digi live-album > http://soundblog.bandcamp.com/album/etcology
xxxHarold Schellinx--http://harsmedia.comhttp://twitter.com/soundblog
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